Where Can You Relax On The Sea In January With A Child

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Where Can You Relax On The Sea In January With A Child
Where Can You Relax On The Sea In January With A Child
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Long winter holidays give many people the opportunity to fly to the sea with their children. There are holidays in schools and kindergartens, and legal days off for parents. Therefore, you can pack your bags and go to one of the resorts.

Where can you relax on the sea in January with a child
Where can you relax on the sea in January with a child

Which countries are warm in January

The most affordable places where you can relax in January with a child are the south of Thailand and the Indian state of Goa. The air temperature at this time is 30-32 ° C, the water temperature is 27-29 ° C. Even the smallest will be warm and comfortable. It is also warm enough in Egypt and Cuba. Also suitable for holidays in January, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Dominican Republic, etc. But these are more expensive destinations, in particular due to the cost of the flight.

The problem of acclimatization is greatly exaggerated. Most often, children coming to the sea get sick from drinking ice drinks or catching a cold under the air conditioner. Knowing this, health troubles can be avoided.

Which resort is better to choose for families with children

If we consider the three most popular countries for winter seaside holidays - Thailand, India and Egypt, we can recommend several resorts to choose from. In Thailand, you should pay attention to the island of Koh Samui and the city on the coast - Hua Hin. They are ideal for families with children.

Koh Samui has beautiful beaches and clear sea, hospitals, supermarkets, international schools and kindergartens. The only inconvenience is that it is quite difficult to move around the island on foot, as there are practically no sidewalks. And if there is no desire to constantly sit with children in the hotel, you will have to rent a car or a moped, since a taxi is very expensive.

There are no problems with walking in Hua Hin. In addition, the city is very green, there are many playgrounds, and there is an embankment. But the sea and beaches, of course, cannot be compared to Koh Samui. The water is not so clean and transparent, there is no soft golden sand on the beaches, there are often waves, etc. Therefore, when going on vacation in Hua Hin, it is better to choose a hotel or apartment with a swimming pool.

Don't worry about how your child will survive the long flight. The main thing for kids is that their mother is there, then they will be calm.

The coast of the Indian state of Goa, almost everything is suitable for families with children. There are both expensive five-star hotels and very cheap guest houses. But a vacation in India is suitable for those who want to spend their entire vacation swimming in the sea. There are no playgrounds, entertainment centers, or any amusement parks in Goa. That is, there is practically nowhere to go outside the territory of the hotel or resort with children.

In Egyptian cities, in Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, El-Gouna, there are also no playgrounds and entertainment centers. But there the problem is easier to solve. Many hotels have water slides, mini-zoos, and a large green area where you can walk. Therefore, for a vacation with a child, you can choose any Egyptian city, the main thing is not to be mistaken with a hotel.

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