Where It's Warm In January

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Where It's Warm In January
Where It's Warm In January
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January is one of the most festive months, with more than 14 days off. That is why many workers are going on vacation this paid weekend. In winter, it is not cold everywhere; there are several countries where you can even swim in the sea or ocean.

Where it's warm in January
Where it's warm in January


Traditionally, tour operators offer to visit warm sunny Egypt in January, where in January the minimum daytime temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, the average air temperature is about 24 degrees. It is not very hot, but the best part is that the sea temperature has the same 22-25 degrees, which means you can swim in the sea. The prices for the tours are much more attractive in comparison with the summer ones.

You can also relax in January in the United Arab Emirates - the air temperature, which means that the prices for tours are slightly higher here. But you can not only lie on the beach, but also visit boutiques, walk along the city streets not under the scorching sun. At night it is already 15 degrees, so you should take a jacket or a sweater with you.

On New Year's and Christmas, almost every hotel organizes festive dinners and an interesting show program, so vouchers for these days are a little more expensive than in January 150-20.


Expensive hot and beautiful islands beckon to their resorts: the Maldives, Seychelles and Cuba. There are no problems with a visa, although the flight is a long way. The cost of a voucher for two is at least 80 thousand rubles, but untouched beaches, clear water and the rays of the sun are waiting for you.

The holiday season during the January holidays continues in Thailand: it is warm, beautiful and cozy here in the Russian winter. The average air temperature is 30 degrees, water - 25 degrees. The cost of the voucher is about 60 thousand rubles.

In the Canary Islands, it is not hot in January, only 20-22 degrees Celsius, but even at night it does not drop below 17 degrees. If you are not going to swim in the ocean, but you like the warm gentle breeze and the warming sun, then Tenerife is for you. At this time, trips to the island are quite inexpensive, and it is very pleasant to visit Spain and look at the impressive landscapes in January.

In winter, it is warm in Sri Lanka. In the southwestern resorts, the air temperature is about 30 degrees, and there is practically no rain.


In winter, it is warm in Vietnam. At the resorts, you can lie on the beach, go diving or go on any of the many interesting excursions. Discos and bars are open at night in Vietnam, and during the day you can treat yourself to an exotic cocktail on the beach.

India, Goa

Great January weather in India. Goa in winter is one of the most popular resorts among Europeans. The rainy season is over and will not begin soon, the wind also subsides, the air temperature rises to 30 degrees Celsius, and there are practically no clouds.

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