Where Is The Best Beach In Crimea

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Where Is The Best Beach In Crimea
Where Is The Best Beach In Crimea
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Crimea was and remains one of the best holiday destinations for citizens of Russia and the former Soviet Union. On the territory of the republic there are beaches made of small, coarse pebbles, sand, gravel.

Where is the best beach in Crimea
Where is the best beach in Crimea

The Crimean Peninsula annually welcomes many guests seeking to relax on the shores of the Black and Azov Seas. The Crimean climate is healing, the average summer temperature reaches 25-30 ° C. The coastal strip is large, teeming with many beaches for every taste. For tourists of any age, gender, wealth, there is a place where you want to go more than once.

The beaches of the Crimean coast

Not far from Sevastopol, on Cape Fiolent, there is a Jasper Beach rich in jasper. It consists of both fine warm sand and, in places, large pebbles. It is more intended for young people, because the descent to the water is quite steep and has 800 steps. Those who overcome the "health path" will be able to admire the beauty of the local nature - picturesque landscapes and the purest, almost emerald water.

On the beaches of Evpatoria, mainly a children's resort town, beaches are sandy and pebble, the aromas of steppe herbs soar in the air.

The golden beach of Feodosia is ideal for families with children. The bottom of the Black Sea is shallow, the beach is wide and sandy. There are a lot of sports and entertainment events, which will be delighted by lovers of active recreation. A huge range of leisure activities is at the service of vacationers: riding on catamarans, scooters, "bananas", those who wish can soak up a sun lounger or relax in local bars.

Koktebel beach, namely rest in Fox Bay, is more suitable for informal tourists, "savages" and nudists. Tent camps are everywhere on the beach, and the sounds of guitars and songs are intertwined with philosophical conversations about the eternal.

Black Sea beaches

In Yalta, Massandra Beach is considered one of the best.There is absolutely everything for a luxurious vacation: bamboo bungalows, sun loungers, bars, cafes and restaurants. The sea here is immediately deep, but always clean. For those who wish, there is a special VIP-sector with a separate access to the sea along a comfortable wooden path.

Sudak has a two-kilometer beach of gray gravel and dark gray sand. There are many entertainments, cafes and discos, diving is possible.

The beach season in the Black Sea lasts from May to October. There are 2 beaches here. Small town with golden fine sand, flat bottom and clear water, surrounded by a rocky shore on one side and shallow water on the other. The second beach is pebbly, surrounded on both sides by banks of large stones. The water is clean, which is conducive to diving.

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