What To Take To The Sea

What To Take To The Sea
What To Take To The Sea
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Vacation. Sea. What could be more beautiful? To make your vacation truly carefree, you need to carefully prepare for it and make a list of all the things and items that you may need on the seashore away from home.

What to take to the sea
What to take to the sea

First of all, think about what you need from the clothes. As a rule, a beach vacation requires a minimum wardrobe. Most often, a bunch of all kinds of outfits that can hardly fit into several suitcases remain unclaimed. But still it is worth taking a minimum of things.

Make sure that the list of things you need includes a set of beachwear, 2 swimwear, flip-flops and rubber slippers, and a thin terry towel. It is rational to buy a rug for visiting the beach upon arrival. If you have not prepared slates, rubber slippers, a hat, a beach towel, you can buy all this at the nearest store located near the beach. But be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay for everything two or three times more.

The most demanded clothing is a comfortable set in which you will go on excursions and one pair of shoes. For home use, bring a light robe or cotton set.

To go to a disco, to a restaurant, to light and music fountains, you will need one universal set of decent clothes.

Do not forget to collect the necessary documents during the gathering. You will need a civil passport if you are not traveling outside your home country. A passport must be issued when traveling abroad. Tickets, documents confirming the reservation, money, visa - this is all that cannot be forgotten in any case. If you are taking a child with you, you will need notarized parental consent and a passport.

Add medications to the mandatory list of required items. The first-aid kit should contain: antiseptics, bandage, cotton wool, plaster, means that help to cope with indigestion - activated carbon, "Smecta", "Mezim forte". In addition, you may need drugs for heartburn: "Gaviscon", "Rennie", ointment for burns, pills for headache and toothache. If you regularly take any medications, make sure that you have enough money taken with you for the entire vacation.

A camera, a camera, rechargeable batteries, batteries, chargers, a telephone - these are the devices that you will definitely need.

From useful and necessary items, take a sun cream or gel with a high protective factor, an after-sun cream, necessary cosmetics, and personal hygiene products.

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