How To Get Money Back For Egypt

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How To Get Money Back For Egypt
How To Get Money Back For Egypt

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Depending on the circumstances, if a vacation trip to hot countries is canceled, the money for the trip can be returned in whole or in part. To do this, you need to correctly formulate the requirements and in advance, before traveling, contact a travel agency.

How to get money back for Egypt
How to get money back for Egypt


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Refusal to travel for personal reasons. If the agreement between the traveler and the travel operator does not provide for cancellation insurance, travel companies will refund the money minus the costs already paid and the penalty for terminating the agreement. Many firms require their clients to provide a valid reason for canceling the tour, but, by law, a tourist can provide any reason.

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It is important to understand that when forming a tour, the company is already spending money on it. And she is not obliged to return them. These include, for example: consular fees, booking a hotel and a seat on the plane, penalties in case of refusal of a passenger from transportation. In case of a prepaid stay, the hotel will also not refund the entire amount, and in some cases it will not be refunded at all. Often, the sunk costs include the cost of money transfers abroad and the administration of the tour formation process. If you have a dispute with a travel agency on the issue of a non-refundable amount, go to court. However, it is difficult to expect an unambiguous decision here - much depends on each individual case. In judicial practice, it happened that the travel agency returned the money in full, and it happens that the tour operator proves his case and the tourist remains at a loss.

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Refusal to travel due to external circumstances such as riots, civil unrest or natural disasters in recreation areas. In this case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Rostourism through the media warns of a security threat and recommends refraining from traveling to problem regions. This is an official warning and there is a reason to refuse the trip and return the full cost of the tour. These are the losses of the tour operator, from which he must be insured. It is important to contact the company before departure and terminate the contract on the basis of the "Law on Tourism Activities" and the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. If you just come for money after everyone has flown away, no one will return anything.

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