How To Choose A Tour Operator

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How To Choose A Tour Operator
How To Choose A Tour Operator
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If you are traveling abroad for the first time, it will not be superfluous to use the services of a travel operator. Such companies serve 2-10 destinations and provide visa, ticketing and ground services. A good tour operator is distinguished by an impeccable reputation, order in documents and advantageous offers.

How to choose a tour operator
How to choose a tour operator

First, it is necessary to clarify the difference between a tour operator and a travel agent, since these concepts are equivalent for Russian travelers.

The organization of the trip includes an agreement with a hotel in a foreign country, booking tickets with carriers and collecting a package of documents for obtaining a visa. All this work is done by tour operators offering a choice of two to ten different travel destinations.

Travel agents are only engaged in the resale of already formed tours with various service packages. If you have already decided which country you want to visit, contact the tour operator that serves this destination. As a rule, he not only organizes the trip efficiently, but also provides useful information needed by the traveler.

How to choose a reliable tour operator?

First of all, don't neglect the power of word of mouth. If you are planning a trip on the recommendation of friends, ask them whose services they used, what they liked and what did not. Do a little research: compare the hottest deals on the Internet, study the websites of tour operators, evaluate the completeness of information about the organization. Also, you will be helped by reviews about the work of the company on forums and portals for travelers. Pay attention not only to the excitement, but also to the negative experience.

A visit to the office of a reliable company will leave you with a pleasant experience. Besides the stylish interior, there should be quality service. The professionalism of the consultant will help you make your choice, and the documents will be in perfect order. A good tour operator will not place other people's details on the contract and will even present a license to carry out activities. The contract will indicate the services that you need: booking a hotel room and tickets, transfer, excursions, additional wishes.

What is the tour operator not responsible for?

To ensure that your trip does not disappoint you, do not rely entirely on the tour operator. Study those details that do not depend on it yourself.

Check for details regarding the specifics and legislation of the country you are going to visit. Make sure that you do not get to the resort during the rainy season, get all the necessary vaccinations, prepare personal documents, enter the most important phone numbers - consulates and rescue services in your notebook. Take care not to accidentally smuggle in or do anything illegal.

Read reviews about the carrier company and the hotel in which you intend to stay. If flights are regularly delayed and the planes are poorly fed, consider other options before signing the contract. Find out all the details about the hotel, right down to the location of the rooms and the services included in the price.

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