How To Book A Tour

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How To Book A Tour
How To Book A Tour
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The most convenient form of travel organization is through a travel agency, because at the same time you get rid of the need to independently search for and book a hotel, buy tickets, insure yourself and your luggage, resolve various issues with consulates and embassies, etc. But you should arrange the tour correctly, even through an agency, so as not to lose your money and not be disappointed in the trip.

How to book a tour
How to book a tour


Step 1

Your very first and most important step is choosing a trusted travel agency. If it is reliable, your tour will be well organized and there will be no unpleasant surprises on your trip. A good agency has an excellent reputation with clients. To make sure the organizers are competent, look for feedback from people who have previously used their services. The agency should have been working in this area for a long time, and it is not only about the honesty and decency of its employees, but also about the experience in solving complex issues.

Step 2

It is advisable that you pay a visit to the agency after you have decided in which place or in which country you want to relax, what type of vacation you prefer - excursion or beach, what requirements you place on your place of residence. Firstly, in this case you will feel more confident and you will not be offered an unattractive tour. And secondly, you will make it easier for the manager, who will be looking for the options that are suitable for you.

Step 3

The tour is usually ordered at the office of the travel agency, but if you have already used its services before and you know the procedure, you can make an order by phone or via the website, e-mail (if the company allows it).

Step 4

You fill out the tour booking sheet, indicating all your wishes. You also sign a preliminary contract, in which it is noted that you want to book, for what price, when and for how long you want to go, etc., after which you expect a response from the tour operator. If the travel agency insists on an advance payment, and you decide to give it, ask for documents confirming the fact of payment and indicating what it was made for. But usually no fees are paid at this stage.

Step 5

A travel company that works with you places an order with a tour operator. He must confirm the reservation, i.e. willingness to secure your seat on the plane and a hotel room. This usually happens within a day or a little more if the request goes to another country.

Step 6

If you are going on a trip during the high season or before the holidays, it is better to book a tour and, accordingly, book early, since good places in hotels are sold first, and you may get something that is not in demand at the last moment. But in those cases, if you want to save on your trip, try to get a last minute ticket. You can get a good discount.

Step 7

After confirming your booking, you can go to the travel agency to sign an agreement and pay for the tour. Do not pull, because the reservation is quickly canceled. Usually, the tour should be paid within 2-3 days. Some travel agencies allow installments, i.e. You can pay for the tour in parts. In this case, pay attention to the clause of the contract, which says about your obligations. It tells you when you have to pay because if the payment is delayed, you will have to pay late fees.

Step 8

Read the contract carefully. It contains all the data of the tour operator, his and your responsibilities, the procedure for action in the event of any force majeure. Your tour is also fully described there - dates, place of residence, meals, excursions and other nuances. It is indicated when and how the tour must be paid, what documents and when you must bring. Do not miss the paragraph that describes the termination of the contract on your initiative.If you doubt that you understand any nuances correctly, do not hesitate to ask questions, because this is your right and your money. Better to consult with a lawyer.

Step 9

After full payment, you will receive a ticket, a memo describing how you should act in various situations abroad, an insurance policy and plane or train tickets. Sometimes the voucher, insurance and air tickets are issued by the tour operator's representative at the airport. But you should find out about these nuances in a specific agency.

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