How To Fly To Thailand

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How To Fly To Thailand
How To Fly To Thailand

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Thailand is one of the favorite vacation spots for Russians. East, exotic, paradise climate … All this attracts people who are exhausted by constant work. It would seem that you just need to fly. However, when going to Thailand for the purpose of rest (or work, or for any other purpose), you need to consider something.

How to fly to Thailand
How to fly to Thailand


Step 1

Understand your visa. Clarify all the subtleties and details that will depend on the purpose of your trip to Thailand. Of course, the question is how to fly to Thailand, but agree, if at passport control you are not allowed into the country for some reason, or if you start having problems after you have entered the country, then the problem of the flight itself is will not be so relevant. Generally speaking, you can immediately contact any travel agency. There they will pick up a tour for you, and all the formalities will fall on their shoulders.

Step 2

The next step is buying plane tickets. This should be taken care of in advance, very early, especially if your trip is planned for the peak tourist season. You can buy a ticket on the websites of airlines, you can through travel agencies (for example, in youth travel agencies you can pick up a ticket with a discount for youth and students), you can contact the air ticket office, which also works with international destinations, you can buy at the check-in counter right at the airport … The choice is yours.

Step 3

Now we will talk about the flight itself. If you do not want to go straight from the plane to the hospital, consider all the difficulties that may await you in flight. The flight to Thailand is about 10 hours, and you must be prepared for this both mentally and physically. If you feel motion sickness on the plane, if pressure drops seriously affect your well-being, stock up on medications so that you can safely reschedule the flight. And it is hardly worth taking babies with you - even for adults, such a flight is difficult, to say nothing of children.

Step 4

As already mentioned, the flight to Thailand is long. The lack of movement will need to be compensated somehow. So don't be lazy, get up and walk around the cabin. You don't need to run and jump, you just need to walk to the toilet once more or, if you are sitting in the tail, walk to the business class salon and see how people live there. Of course, there is little pleasure in walking on an airplane, but this must be done so that the blood somehow circulates through your veins.

Step 5

Any journey can be a joy if you approach it wisely. Thailand is a different part of the world, a different country, a different culture, and a flight there is not an hour-long "walk" on an airplane to another region of our country to visit your aunt, a flight in the takeoff-and-seat mode. If you take into account all the details and peculiarities of the country where you are going, you will be happy and happy. Have a good trip!

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