How To Get To Japan?

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How To Get To Japan?
How To Get To Japan?
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Many foreigners living in Japan say that getting to this country is incredibly difficult. Tourists receive short-term visas, and getting a long-term visa requires a lot of ingenuity. Let's talk about everything in more detail.

How to get to Japan?
How to get to Japan?


Step 1

If you decide to go to Japan for a few days to see local attractions, then contact the services of travel agencies. True, the documents will have to be collected well, just a huge amount, including: medical insurance, proof of creditworthiness, a prepaid hotel in which you will stay during your stay in the country, and many others.

Step 2

Get ready for the fact that you will be given a visa for a short period of time without the right to renew, which means that at the end of it you are forced to leave the country, and illegal immigrants in Japan live extremely hard. If you decide to apply for a visa without the help of a travel agency, then the result will be the same - the same short-term visa without the right to renew, and you will need even more paperwork and nerves than in the first option.

Step 3

If you nevertheless decided to definitely get a long-term visa, then first let's figure out what it is. All long-term visas to Japan can be divided into three main types: study, work, marriage. The latter option is the most optimal in order to obtain the right of permanent residence in the country, but there is also a risk of being in a deplorable situation.

Step 4

There are many Japanese people who have a desire to connect their lives with a foreigner, but no one guarantees that the future will turn out to be so lovely. Also, you are most likely to come across suspicious online dating services, which also for the most part do not have any guarantees, so it is better to consider the other two options for obtaining a long-term visa.

Step 5

To work in Japan, you will need a university degree, translated into Japanese and certified by a notary. However, having a diploma is not everything, you must know, if not Japanese, then at least English, without which it is almost impossible to find a job. Send your resume to your owl and wait for a response. If you are lucky enough to find a job, then your employer should take care of the future.

Step 6

As for studying, if you speak Japanese, it will be easier for you. All information about admission to universities is presented on the websites of universities. If you are going to a language school, then keep in mind that studying there is very, very expensive.

Step 7

If you go for a short-term study, then you will receive a short-term visa, which will not allow you to work in the country. Long-term education, as mentioned above, costs a lot of money, besides, in Russia there are very few agencies that could competently enroll students in such schools.

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