How To Get To Jerusalem

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How To Get To Jerusalem
How To Get To Jerusalem
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In 2008, Russia and Israel signed an agreement that abolishes tourist visas for their citizens. Now getting to Jerusalem, the ancient and holy city, has become much easier.

How to get to Jerusalem
How to get to Jerusalem

It is necessary

  • - international passport;
  • - medical insurance;
  • - booking confirmation;
  • - bank statement.


Step 1

Russian citizens who have a valid passport can freely and repeatedly enter the territory of the State of Israel, leave and make transit stops. You can stay up to 90 days within six months (180 days) in Israel without applying for a visa. Pilgrims wishing to visit the shrines of Jerusalem are equated with ordinary tourists, they also do not need a visa.

Step 2

If you are staying in Jerusalem for medical treatment, then a visa is also not required. If it turns out that full treatment will take more than 90 days, which are limited to a visa-free stay, then you need to contact the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs and extend the period of stay. The medical institutions are familiar with the procedure and will help you in providing documents for renewal of the permit.

Step 3

The foreign passport by which the tourist enters the territory of Israel must be valid for six months from the date of entry.

Step 4

When entering Israel, a Russian citizen is recommended to have documents that will need to be presented when going through passport control, namely: a round-trip air ticket with dates of arrival and departure, medical insurance, confirmation of hotel reservation - with a stamp and on the letterhead of the hotel (for tourists), a letter from a medical institution (for those with a medical purpose of the trip). Also, when traveling, you will need documents that confirm your solvency (for example, a bank statement).

Step 5

If you are traveling at the invitation of a private or legal person, then you must have an invitation. You can provide an original, a fax copy or a printout of the document sent by e-mail.

Step 6

It is still required to obtain visas for diplomatic workers, for students arriving to study at Israeli universities, for volunteers and representatives of religious denominations who are going to serve in Israel, as well as for those who intend to work on the territory of the state.

Step 7

The most convenient way to get to Jerusalem is through Ben Gurion International Airport, which is located 50 kilometers from the city. You can get from the airport by taxi in 25 minutes, or by bus. It departs every half hour and takes about 45 minutes.

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