How To Relax In Prague

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How To Relax In Prague
How To Relax In Prague
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You can go on vacation to Prague absolutely at any time of the year, there is always something to do. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to spend leisure time in this wonderful city will be found easily and quickly both for young tourists who are fond of outdoor activities, and for married couples with children. For some, shopping is both recreation and entertainment. Well, shopaholics who visit Prague won't be disappointed either. So, welcome to Prague - an ancient city with an ancient history, many attractions and cultural traditions, one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.

How to relax in Prague
How to relax in Prague


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Sightseeing in Prague Having arrived in Prague, you don't need to think long and painfully about where to go and what sights to see. Prague is one huge attraction.

Where do you start? An indelible impression will be left in the memory of the Prague Castle - the most significant place in Bohemia. Prague Castle and the Cathedral of St. Vitus, located on its territory, secured the status of the residence of Czech rulers several centuries ago. This architectural complex has existed since 870, was founded by representatives of the famous Prshemyslid family. To this day, Prague Castle rises majestically over the capital and delights tourists with its beauty. Nowadays, it is the most popular attraction in the Czech Republic. It is impossible to imagine a vacation in Prague without a visit to Charles Bridge.

After all, this is something more than just a bridge connecting Old Prague and the Lesser Town: this bridge between the past of Prague, the present and the future. The length of the bridge is five hundred and twenty meters, and it is made in the Gothic style. The first stone of the bridge was laid by King Charles on July 9, 1357. To this day, this structure remains one of the most beautiful that a man could do with his own hands. The bridge is decorated with sculptures and statues made in the Baroque style. Many interesting stories and legends are associated with this place. According to one of them, it is believed that if two lovers kiss on the bridge, then this kiss will bring them happiness. Many newlyweds even specially go to Prague in the name of one goal: to kiss on the Charles Bridge. It is impossible not to visit a real treasure trove of rarities - the Strahov Monastery, located on Pohorzelec. Collections of objects related to religious art, unique in their nature, are kept in this mysterious place. It is also amazing that the halls of the Strahov Monastery contain the most ancient collections of books, striking in their content and age. About thirty thousand manuscripts were collected here and kept by monks observing the vow of silence and celibacy. It is possible to list the sights of Prague for a very, very long time. Everyone who comes to rest in this city should see everything for himself. It is simply impossible to pass by these beautiful places.

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Leisure and entertainmentRest in the capital of the Czech Republic has become very popular for some time. People of different categories, wealth and age come to rest in Prague. The entertainment of this city is available around the clock. An endless string of nightclubs, restaurants and clubs will not let the nightlife lovers get bored. For those who prefer cultural relaxation, the doors to the theaters in Prague are open, and there are more than twenty of them here, you can also enjoy concerts of organ and classical music. Couples can easily find a place to relax with children.In Troy Zoo, kids can admire a large number of different species of animals and, of course, visit the reptile pavilion. Luna Park, located on the territory of the former royal reserve, will bring many positive emotions with its fairs and exhibitions, a variety of sports and theatrical performances. The Singing Fountains will leave a vivid mark in the memory of Prague.

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Of course, absolutely any tourist, arriving in any country, does not think about leaving it without shopping and souvenirs. Prague is no exception. Shopping in Prague is practically no different from shopping in other European countries. Shopping in the Czech Republic is full of unforgettable experiences. Various products of famous perfumers and couturiers are presented to the attention of tourists. No shopoglik can pass by the enchanting gaze of Czech porcelain, Bohemian glass and exquisite lace. All this beauty can be found in the Palace Flora shopping center, the Outlet Fashion Arena Outlet Praha Sterboholy hypermarket is also worthy of attention. All the latest trends in modern fashion can be found in the Palladium shopping center located in the center of Prague. It is impossible to leave Prague without Czech pomegranate souvenirs: bracelets, earrings, rings, the divine beauty of a necklace will delight the eye and excite wonderful memories of a vacation in this city. Prices in Prague are perhaps one of the lowest in Europe, perhaps this is one of the good reasons for attracting tourists.

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