How To Relax In Taganrog

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How To Relax In Taganrog
How To Relax In Taganrog
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Holidays on the coast of the Azov Sea are quite popular among Russian residents. And this is due not only to the availability of sanatoriums, resorts and the healing properties of the sea. One of the most visited places in the coastal zone is Taganrog - a cozy southern city with deep historical roots.

How to relax in Taganrog
How to relax in Taganrog


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The history of the city goes back over 300 years. Trade and industry are well developed in Taganrog, and tourism is one of the constituent parts of the local economy. Therefore, going to this city, get ready to enjoy not only a vacation near the sea, but also from exploring historical sites, city monuments, covered with sea glory and cultural heritage.

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The names of many great people are associated with Taganrog. The writer A.P. Chekhov, composer P.I. Tchaikovsky, People's Artist F.G. Ranevskaya. The history of this city keeps the memory of Tsar Alexander I, Lieutenant P.P. Schmidte, the national hero of Italy D. Garibaldi and many others. Visit the memorials, exhibition halls, houses, museums and estates of these famous people. Most of these memorial structures are not only landmarks, but also architectural values ​​of the city.

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Taganrog was founded by Peter I. It was originally designed as the first Russian city in the European style. And today it is a place with a well-developed infrastructure. Spend some of your time walking through the large parks, wide alleys and long embankments that still retain the spirit of the time.

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Taste and enjoy the varied cuisine of numerous cafes, restaurants and bars located along the entire perimeter and the coastal zone of Taganrog. You will be able to appreciate not only delicious dishes, but also quite reasonable prices. Take boat trips on a yacht or boat, which are arranged during the day and at night.

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And, of course, improve your health, get sunbathing and just enjoy your rest in various sanatoriums and dispensaries, which are located both on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov and directly in the city of Taganrog itself. Try a spa treatment at the well-known Physio-Therapy Hospital next to the Alferaki Palace. The hospital building is a historical museum and a former noble mansion at the same time.

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