Oymyakon Is The Coldest Place In The World

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Oymyakon Is The Coldest Place In The World
Oymyakon Is The Coldest Place In The World

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Oymyakon is a world-famous small Yakut village, which is considered the coldest settlement on the planet. This is a truly unusual place that is becoming more and more popular with tourists from all over the world.

Oymyakon is the coldest place in the world
Oymyakon is the coldest place in the world

Pole of cold

The village of Oymyakon is a landmark place in Yakutia. It is located at an altitude of more than 740 meters above sea level, but at the same time lies in a kind of basin, where cold air accumulates in winter. There is no wind in the village, however, according to local residents, the stagnant cold penetrates much more deeply to the very bones.

According to various measurements, the minimum temperature in the village ranges from minus 78 to 82оС! Meteorologists are constantly arguing about which point in Yakutia should be considered the north pole of cold: Verkhoyansk or Oymyakon. According to the latest data, the absolute annual minimum in Oymyakon is almost 4 ° C lower than in Verkhoyansk.

The temperature difference in winter and summer reaches 104 degrees. According to this indicator, Oymyakon is ahead only of Verkhoyansk. The highest temperature in this village was recorded in the summer of 2010. It was almost + 35оС. Oymyakon summer is distinguished by a colossal temperature difference: during the day the thermometer can be + 30 ° C, and at night - below zero. Almost 230 days a year there is snow cover in Oymyakon.

The shortest day here in December lasts only three hours. But in the summer period in Oymyakon there are white nights - it is light outside all day and night.

Population of Oymyakon

The village is home to only 520 people. Local residents are engaged in cattle breeding, fishing and reindeer herding. Despite the terrible cold, the population lives quite normal life. The village has a cellular connection, internet, shops, a hospital, a school, a gas station and even an airport, which was built during the Great Patriotic War. Prices in Oymyakon stores are significantly higher than in Moscow, for example.

Sights of Oymyakon

Tourism in this village has been developing rapidly lately. Foreigners and Russians are attracted by local museums, the nearby GULAG camps, Labynkyr Lake, Moltan Rock and, of course, the bitter frost itself. The nature of Oymyakon is truly unique. There are streams here that do not freeze even at an air temperature of minus 70 ° C, and ice that does not thaw in a heat of + 30 ° C.

Every spring a festival is held in Oymyakon, which attracts Fathers Frost from all over the world. It traditionally attracts crowds of tourists. The latter are advised to dress very warmly: hats with earflaps, wadded trousers, fur sweaters, deer fur boots and a scarf with which you can wrap your face will not interfere.

Interesting Facts

Locals claim that in severe frost, if you hit hard with metal on metal, you can strike a spark. That is why it is extremely dangerous to refuel cars in Oymyakon.

The local police do not have truncheons, because in the bitter frost they harden and treacherously burst upon impact, like glass.

Residents of Oymyakon take out wet linen outside only for freezing, not drying. A minute later, it gets up with a stake.

Education in local schools is canceled only when the temperature drops to minus 56оС.

Of all the animals, only horses, dogs and reindeer can tolerate the local cold.

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