How To Tie A Carabiner

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How To Tie A Carabiner
How To Tie A Carabiner
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The carabiner is a clip with a spring latch. It is a fast connecting link between two items that have hinges. Scopes of carbines are mountaineering, parachuting, hang gliding and other activities where insurance is needed.

How to tie a carabiner
How to tie a carabiner


Step 1

Carabiners are used as blocks connecting ropes with rock hooks, for which special carabiner knots have been developed. To tie a bayonet knot, take the working end of the rope and loop it around a tree or embossed ledge.

Step 2

Next, carry it over the root end, followed by bending around and threading into the formed loop. Make 2-3 hoses, then attach the working end to the root end. When the root end is loaded, the knot will not tighten, which will give you the opportunity to further untie it even when the root end is loaded.

Step 3

The Bachmann knot belongs to the carbine knots. With the long side of the carabiner, attach it to the main rope and sew the carabiner into the carabiner. Then fold it in half and wrap it 2-3 times around the main rope and the larger side of the carabiner. With each new turn, you stitch the re-cord through the carabiner. As a result, the carabiner under the influence of the load presses the carabiner to the rope, and its movement becomes impossible.

Step 4

If you want to move the knot along the rope, remove the load from the knot and move the carabiner in the direction you want. It is easier to loosen such a knot even after heavy loads.

Step 5

In rescue practice, the Garda knot (loop) is widely used when it becomes necessary to etch the rope in one direction with a quick lock and the ability to do it all in the opposite direction. In the prepared rope loop, fasten two carabiners with latches to the rescuer. Pass the rope through the carabiners, grip the carabiners with its working end and, parallel to the initial course of the rope, thread the end into the first carabiner from you. Then throw the root end, which is inside the carabiners, onto the chassis. As a result, you can freely pick up the rope at the running end. The knot (loop) of the guard is very effective with top belay.

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