Where To Go Snowboarding

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Where To Go Snowboarding
Where To Go Snowboarding
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Snowboarding is becoming more popular every year. It is not surprising, because this sport perfectly raises the mood and the level of adrenaline, allows you to fully enjoy the snowy weather and even tighten your muscles. The main thing in this business is to choose a suitable route. Fortunately, places for snowboarding can be found both in Russia and abroad.

Where to go snowboarding
Where to go snowboarding


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In our country, you can go to the Caucasus with a snowboard. Good and not too steep tracks are located in the Elbrus region and Dombai. It is good to study this sport there. Snowboarding is also possible on the mountain slopes in Bashkortostan, Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. Distinctive features of Russian resorts for snowboarding are considered simple tracks and relatively affordable prices.

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The traditional destination for the adherents of this sport is the Scandinavian countries, for example Finland or Norway. The prices here are several orders of magnitude higher than in Russia, however, on the various mountain slopes of these countries, both beginners and real professionals of this sport can fully enjoy snowboarding. If the cold doesn't scare you, in Finland you can train in Ylläs, Levi or Pyha, and in Norway on the mountain slopes of Åre or Tresil.

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Snowboard enthusiasts are also attracted by the countries of Eastern Europe: Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovenia. It is especially good to ride there, starting from the second half of January - at this time there are not very many snowboarders there, because the Christmas and New Year holidays in Europe and Russia have long ended. These places are distinguished by a high level of service, the availability of all the necessary equipment, which can be purchased or rented, modern lifts and good hotels located near the ski slopes.

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Well, for real fans of extreme sports and professional snowboarders, it is best to go to the very center of this sport - to Switzerland and Austria. There are many bases and various slopes that correspond to the world level and are particularly difficult. By the way, almost everywhere in Europe, in addition to snowboarding, you can have a great time with good friends or acquaintances in cozy restaurants and cafes located near the bases, as well as visit local attractions.

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