How To Make Notches

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How To Make Notches
How To Make Notches
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If you are an avid hunter or tourist, you can decorate your favorite weapon by making special notches on the handle. With them it will become more convenient to hold the butt, and the weapon itself can be turned into a real work of art. You can make such notches by following these instructions.

How to make notches
How to make notches


Step 1

Find the right tool for the job. If you decide to make a notch on the wooden butt of the gun yourself, you will need a thin cutter, it is better that its end be cut obliquely. The tool can be ordered, or you can make it yourself. To make a cutter, you can take an ordinary square file. Heat it on gas to release the metal, gently bend it in a vice, shape the teeth of the future cutter. Remove the burrs with a small file and harden the cutter. The tool is ready, you can start working.

Step 2

Organize a suitable work area with adequate lighting. Use a table of a suitable size for comfortable work, there should be no foreign objects on it. The lamp should be at a height of 13-15 cm from the table so that you can easily see all the subtle details of the pattern and small nuances.

Step 3

Make a template for the future notch and carefully draw it with a sharp pencil. Make sure the pattern is the same on both sides of the stock. Draw overlapping master lines. The intersection angle is usually 55-70 degrees.

Step 4

Start marking with the cutter. A triangular file can help in cutting a notch, which can speed up the process of drawing lines. If the wood of the butt itself is not very strong, you can work with a square file.

Step 5

When finished cutting the notch, saturate it with oil. After that, the notch will look like a beautiful dark mesh. The notch is ready. There is nothing particularly difficult in drawing a pattern on the butt. With the right tools and enough patience, it is possible to create very original and complex designs that will not only make the butt of the weapon less slippery and more comfortable, but also perfectly decorate the gun.

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