How To Enter Pripyat

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How To Enter Pripyat
How To Enter Pripyat
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Pripyat is an abandoned city in the Kiev region, whose population was evacuated after the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Entry into the city is prohibited due to the high background radiation, but some thrill-seekers, on the contrary, find a certain attraction in this place.

How to enter Pripyat
How to enter Pripyat

It is necessary

  • - sightseeing tour;
  • - passport;
  • - dosimeter;
  • - special clothing.


Step 1

If there is demand, then supply appears. Currently, in order to get to Pripyat, it is enough to buy an excursion tour. It will cost you approximately one hundred and twenty dollars. Usually sightseeing buses leave from Kiev, where tourists will have to get there on their own.

Step 2

In order to ensure your own safety, you will need special clothing and a dosimeter during the excursion. Pants and jacket should cover the skin as much as possible. Bring a hat, gloves, high waterproof boots. Waterproof clothing will also come in handy on the road.

Step 3

You will have to purchase the dosimeter yourself. One of the most budgetary models is the MKS-05 Terra-P dosimeter-radiometer. Residents of Moscow can look at the Mitinsky radio market, where you can inexpensively purchase old, but quite working models of dosimeters.

Step 4

Be sure to bring your passport with you. People who paid for the excursion, but left this document at home, are not allowed into the Zone. A prerequisite is that you reach the age of majority. The Russians do not need to take a passport with them, it will be enough to have an ordinary one both when crossing the border and when passing the checkpoint.

Step 5

Have a hearty meal before your trip to Pripyat. You should not consume carbonated drinks before departure, which make you even more thirsty. Eating, drinking and smoking in the exclusion zone is strongly discouraged.

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