How Not To Freeze In A Tent

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How Not To Freeze In A Tent
How Not To Freeze In A Tent

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Experienced hikers, naturalists, fishermen and hunters know what equipment to choose for spending the night in nature. If you just bought a tent and are going on a hike, you need to know how to stay warm while going to bed.

How not to freeze in a tent
How not to freeze in a tent

It is necessary

  • - tent;
  • - hot water in plastic bottles;
  • - sleeping bag;
  • - dry fuel;
  • - petrol or gas lamp;
  • - portable stove;
  • - candle.


Step 1

Preheat the water and pour it into plastic bottles. Place them in your sleeping bag. Hot bottles will help you warm up faster and stay warm at night. You can do it differently. Make a fire, find a large stone and heat it up. Then carefully place it in an iron container and place it on a wooden support in the corner of the tent.

Step 2

Try warming up your tent before bed. To do this, use one or two tablets of dry fuel, this should be enough to maintain a comfortable temperature. Go to the sleeping bag only in pajamas and socks, put warm clothes on top. This will help you warm up much faster because you don't have to warm up the air between your clothes.

Step 3

Make yourself hot coffee or tea, it will warm you up for a while. Use a gasoline or gas lamp to raise the temperature inside the tent. The disadvantage of these devices is oxygen consumption, after a while there will be nothing to breathe in the tent. Observe safety rules, use only pendant lamps with a glass bulb.

Step 4

The ideal option for heating is collapsible (portable) "potbelly stoves" and portable stoves. Such devices are usually used in large tents, camping saunas and in tents, because the "potbelly stove" takes up a lot of space and has a high heat transfer. The small tent will become too hot and stuffy.

Step 5

You can use an unusual but effective heating method. Make a fire below the level of the tent. Take the aluminum tube from the vacuum cleaner, hang one end over the fire, the other end in the tent. Warm air from the fire will rise up the chimney and warm the space inside the tent.

Step 6

The most common candle can also raise the temperature inside the tent. Just do not leave it overnight, it can fall and set fire to your things. Heat your tent carefully. Don't put too much heat on yourself or wear too much clothing. You can get heatstroke.

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