How To Raft Down The River In

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How To Raft Down The River In
How To Raft Down The River In
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Rafting down the river is one of the most extreme and exciting journeys. It makes a person feel like a real hero. But how well the descent goes depends on many factors - you will be rafting along a stormy or calm river, how many people are in your team. Well, and the main thing is, of course, how ready you are with the rafting.

How to raft down the river
How to raft down the river


Step 1

Rafting is usually done on rafts, catamarans or kayaks. You have to go through difficult rapids, overcome a turbulent current, go around large stones. In this case, you will need to keep the raft on the move and not let it roll over. Do not forget that a mountain river is an element. And if you are going to raft on a deep river, all the more you need to know that rafting in such places is an extremely dangerous thing.

Although rafting down the river by catamaran or kayak is much safer compared to rafting, you will experience the thrill here too. After all, at every turn you can expect a river shallow, and a section of the river littered with trees, and a strong current. Therefore, first of all, you need to carefully prepare yourself for the descent.

Step 2

Objectively assess the speed of the current, the width, the depth of the river, the presence of rapids, determine the water temperature. If the river is very turbulent, it is best not to travel.

Step 3

Be realistic about your strength. Take into account the time of day, weather conditions, take care of how you can recuperate after the rafting.

Step 4

Many beginners use a raft to go down the river. But remember that the raft must be well assembled and firmly adhered to the surface.

Step 5

Before sailing, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of boat handling, as well as with instructions on how to behave on the water. In no case should you neglect your equipment - a life jacket and a protective helmet. The vest must be your size and the helmets must be comfortable. Make sure that it does not slide around your head, but at the same time is loose enough so that the straps will not cut into your skin.

Step 6

During the trip, you must follow all the instructions of the instructor and follow the rules. Remember that only your concentration, the cohesion of your team and endurance will help you overcome any challenge.

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