How To Assemble A Tent

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How To Assemble A Tent
How To Assemble A Tent
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The tent is used in many cases: in hiking, research expeditions, fishing, hunting and just on a family vacation outside the city. To make your stay more enjoyable, you should know how to properly assemble your tent.

How to assemble a tent
How to assemble a tent

It is necessary

  • - tent;
  • - pegs;
  • - racks / arcs.


Step 1

Choose a suitable location. The ground surface must be level and clean. It is advisable to set up a tent at the edge of the forest, away from trees and reservoirs, where there are many mosquitoes. If you have to set up camping tents on a slope, then position them so that the head of the person lying is higher than the legs. Thanks to this position, those sleeping in the tent will not roll onto each other.

Step 2

Before assembling the tent properly, remove the tent from the bag with all the parts included in the kit. Spread the tent out on the ground so that the bottom is at the bottom. For a gable tent, immediately tie the bottom to the pegs driven into the ground, first along one diagonal, then along the other. The bottom should lie straight on the ground without bowing. The pegs should be inserted three-quarters into the ground at a 45-degree angle.

Step 3

Assemble arcs or posts. In a domed tent, insert the tubes one into the other, and place their ends in the eyelets located along the perimeter of the bottom. In the tent-house, collect the racks and insert their tops into the slots of the ceiling.

Step 4

Attach the inner tarpaulin to the arches. For this purpose there are special hooks in the arc tent. In some models of arc tents, the arches are first inserted into the fabric loops and then fixed into the eyelets.

Step 5

Cover and stretch the outer tarp. In an arched tent, attach an outer awning to the corners. In a gable tent, stretch the awning lengthwise first, i.e. with the help of 2 pegs in front of the entrance, and behind at a distance of 2-3 m from the tent. Then tie the sides symmetrically to the pegs. The top canopy should be stretched as far as possible so as not to come into contact with the inner tent, and be triangular in shape with equal slopes.

Step 6

Secure the bottom of the domed tent. For a tent of this type, there is no need to put pegs far from it. To set up the tent, tie the bottom and vestibules of the upper awning to them, if any.

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