How To Find Out The Seat In The Carriage

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How To Find Out The Seat In The Carriage
How To Find Out The Seat In The Carriage
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Traveling makes life brighter and more interesting. For many, their vacation begins already on the train, when in the bustle of the happy people seeking to relax seek their rightful place. Not everyone knows how to navigate the numbering of shelves and armchairs. But in vain, because it greatly facilitates the beginning of the trip and the process of choosing a ticket.

How to find out the seat in the carriage
How to find out the seat in the carriage

It is necessary

Ticket, internet


Step 1

Specify your seat number. You can find it on the travel ticket in the third line from the top. If you made electronic registration and you don't have a ticket in your hands, then go to the Russian Railways website and enter your username and password. Select the section "Buy a ticket" and then "My orders". The history of your orders will appear in front of you. Select the train you are interested in and click on the "Order Form" icon. In it, you can specify not only the seat number, but also the departure / arrival time, train and carriage numbers.

Step 2

Determine the type of carriage in which you are going to travel. The most popular are SV carriages, compartment, reserved seat and seated carriages. They all differ in the number of places and, accordingly, in numbering. For example, in SV carriages there are only 19 seats, and in a compartment carriage - 36. A reserved seat carriage has 54 seats, of which 18 are side seats. In sit-down trains, the number of seats varies from 43 to 64, depending on the class of service.

Step 3

Remember that numbering in reserved seat and compartment cars starts from the conductor's compartment. It should also be noted that all even numbers correspond to the upper shelves, and the odd ones correspond to the lower ones.

Step 4

The seat numbers in the compartment carriage correspond to the seat numbers in the compartment parts of the reserved seat carriage. That is, with each compartment, the seat number increases from 1 to 36. The side seats, on the contrary, go downward from the conductor site. It turns out that opposite the compartment with seats 1-4, there are side seats numbered 54 and 53.

Step 5

Numbering in a luxury car (or SV) also comes from the conductor's compartment. When purchasing tickets for such a carriage, keep in mind that there are no upper bins here. Each compartment has 2 seats. If you wish to travel separately, then at your disposal is seat number 19. SV cars are considered the most comfortable.

Step 6

Seat numbers are written above the seats of both the lower and upper bunks. If you are dealing with a seated carriage, then the symbols can be found either on the back of the chair in front of you, or above it on the bag shelf. In most of the seated cars, even seats are located near the windows, and odd seats next to the aisle. When choosing a place, consider whether you are ready to constantly miss your fellow traveler or, conversely, prefer to sit without worry by the window.

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