How To Get Citizenship In Germany

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How To Get Citizenship In Germany
How To Get Citizenship In Germany
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Germany is a wonderful country in the center of Europe. Many people would be eager to take advantage of the opportunity to move to permanent residence in it, and at the same time to obtain German citizenship, which gives its holder a large number of advantages, such as visa-free travel to most countries of the world.

How to get citizenship in Germany
How to get citizenship in Germany


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The easiest way to get German citizenship will be if you belong to the category of so-called German immigrants. Moving to their historical homeland, ethnic Germans almost immediately receive the citizenship of the country and can enjoy all its privileges. Their spouses first receive a residence permit, and after three years they can become German citizens themselves. Also, after three years of cohabitation, all spouses of German citizens can apply for German citizenship, regardless of the date of entry into the state.

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The second way to obtain German citizenship may be to enter the country as a contingent refugee or on a work visa. All applicants for entry on the Jewish line are eligible for the contingent refugee program. First, people get a residence permit. And after 8 years they can already apply for citizenship. Children born to foreigners who have lived in the country for a sufficient time can also apply for citizenship. Sometimes there is such a curious situation when the parents are still in the status of foreigners, and the child can already boast of a kinderausweis that indicates his belonging to the German people. But one should not think that Germany, like the United States, grants citizenship by place of birth. That is, if you, being at a long stage of pregnancy, arrive in Germany, give birth to a child, the child will not receive any rights to German citizenship.

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Another opportunity to obtain German citizenship will be your confidence that Germany needs you as a citizen. If the authorities share your conviction, they will meet you halfway. For example, you organize your business in Germany with an authorized capital of at least 25,000 euros, create at least 10 jobs, your company will be profitable and successful. In this case, Germany will strive not to lose you as a businessman and investor. One of the bonuses she can offer in return will be citizenship. Or you can be a great scientist, cultural figure, or sportsman, like the Klitschko brothers. There are no other legal ways to obtain German citizenship.

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