How To Recognize Russians Abroad

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How To Recognize Russians Abroad
How To Recognize Russians Abroad
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Each nation has its own characteristics, and this is no secret. We can easily identify foreigners when they come to our country. What are the peculiarities of compatriots? How and by what signs are Russians recognized abroad?

How to recognize Russians abroad
How to recognize Russians abroad


Step 1

Russian women are the most beautiful. Most foreigners from different countries are ready to put up with this. But at the same time, our compatriots use a huge amount of cosmetics with or without reason. The foundation is applied even when going to the beach, and Russian women are ready to wear high heels from morning to evening.

Step 2

Being in another country, girls with curiosity and mischief begin to "shoot with their eyes", which perplexes foreign women with their lack of tact. But such a shocking and defiant behavior is quite justified: there are fewer men in Russia than women.

Step 3

"We take all the best with us." Russians dress on the road in such a way as to capture their best outfits in photographs. Summer in our country is short, there is no time to wear summer clothes. Where else, if not on vacation, show yourself in all its glory?

Step 4

At the same time, clothes often look clumsy, the wearer looks pompous in them, and the colors do not match with each other. The addiction of our compatriots to brands distinguishes Russians from foreigners.

Step 5

Our country is big, and our compatriots are proud of its great and mighty language. Often, Russians abroad continue to speak their native language, without even bothering to learn a few phrases of the country in which they are traveling. Many believe that the hotel staff must necessarily speak Russian, and if this does not happen, compatriots may even be indignant about this.

Step 6

If a compatriot speaks the language of the host country, then in case of indignation, favorite folk curses are used. By them, you can easily calculate a person from Russia and the CIS countries.

Step 7

Looking closely at a person's clothing and accessories, one can see Russian words or national symbols. T-shirts with the words "Russia", the names of football teams, tricolor striped elements in the look with hints of the flag are quite fashionable among travelers. In addition, some things can be purely national: a hat with earflaps, painted scarves in the Khokhloma style, a downy stole.

Step 8

Compatriots give out an incredulous look. Compared to foreigners, Russians tend to smile less for no reason. Compatriots feel distrust and caution towards the person who turns to him.

Step 9

But in large companies, Russians tend to behave very noisy and laugh loudly, infuriating prim Germans and Britons. Celebrating a holiday in a restaurant, compatriots, as a rule, move tables, walk in a big way, sing songs and drink a lot of alcohol.

Step 10

Russians spend a lot of money on vacation and hardly bargain, for which they are loved in many countries. A wide soul and a large scale are manifested here as never before. Compatriots, when purchasing jewelry, first buy the jewelry, and then the clothes that match it. Russians who have lived abroad for some time begin to bargain, but, as a rule, adhere to certain price limits.

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