How To Dress For Tourists In The UAE

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How To Dress For Tourists In The UAE
How To Dress For Tourists In The UAE
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The United Arab Emirates is practically a wonder of the world, as an advanced country that emerged from the desert in just thirty years cannot but amaze. Nevertheless, its inhabitants cherish their traditions, for example, they strictly observe the dress code for going out.

How to dress for tourists in the UAE
How to dress for tourists in the UAE

It is necessary

  • - T-shirts that cover the shoulders;
  • - light trousers or a skirt below the knee.


Step 1

Cover your legs. Choose clothing so that your legs below the knees are covered from prying eyes. Yes, tourists often violate this prohibition by going into the city in shorts, for which they receive disapproving and disgruntled glances from local residents, and sometimes orders to pay a fine from the police. Get lightweight linen trousers and you won't have to worry about what to wear for a day stroll in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Step 2

Cover your shoulders. Another part of the body that needs to be covered is the shoulders. Therefore, when going on vacation to the United Arab Emirates, forget about tank tops and, moreover, without them. Long-sleeved T-shirts and sweatshirts are what you can wear in a public place in the UAE.

Step 3

Forget about cleavage. Any cutouts and other ways to expose the chest are illegal, violation of this rule will result in a fine or arrest.

Step 4

Avoid clothing that is too tight or transparent. This will also be considered a violation of the law.

Step 5

Behave with dignity. The behavior of people on the streets is strictly regulated by laws, so you shouldn't forget about them at any time of the day. Be calm, try not to raise your voice, not to joke about your companions in front of people. And, of course, one of the most important rules that directly concerns Russian tourists is the ban on drinking alcohol. The country has completely abandoned alcohol, you will not find it on store shelves and in the public domain, for example, in beach bars. But you can always have a glass or two at some restaurants that are allowed to distribute alcohol.

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