How To Send Baggage By Train

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How To Send Baggage By Train
How To Send Baggage By Train

Many in life have not been without situations related to moving and sending large items that do not fit in the "carry-on luggage". All sorts of options were used - someone ordered a container, someone a truck, and perhaps they were thinking about sending luggage by train.

How to send baggage by train
How to send baggage by train


Step 1

Of course, the transportation of things can be carried out by "piece of iron", using the baggage car. Such cars are available both in passenger trains and as a separate post and baggage train. Personal belongings of the passenger are accepted in accordance with the railway travel document.

Baggage can be carried only to stations where pick-up and drop-off operations are performed, but no further than to the point to which the passenger follows in accordance with the travel document.

Step 2

Special baggage compartments are equipped at railway stations. The passenger can check in his baggage there in advance. A travel document (ticket) can carry no more than 200 kg of luggage. Before sending your baggage, carefully read the list of things prohibited for carriage.

Step 3

Items and things included in the baggage of the passenger must have such dimensions, packaging and properties that they can be easily loaded and placed in the baggage car and do not harm other baggage. When you check in your baggage, its weight will be determined, and you will need to pay all transportation costs at the station baggage office.

Step 4

You will be able to collect your baggage at the destination station in exchange for a tag and the corresponding baggage receipt and presenting your travel document.

Step 5

Luggage may be delivered to the passenger's destination station on a different route from yours or even on a different train that will not be indicated on your travel document (ticket).

Step 6

Cargo luggage can also be sent without you having a travel document (ticket). Just write a written statement to the head of the station (station). Cargo luggage is also accepted from and to stations where there is a possibility of receiving and issuing.

Step 7

Cargo luggage is handed over directly at the train parking, if the duration of the parking allows it to be loaded into a carriage or unloaded, or in advance, through the luggage compartment.

Step 8

When you check in your baggage, declare its value, of course, with the payment of the corresponding fee. If at the station to which the baggage is sent, there are appropriate vehicles, you can indicate the place of delivery of the baggage, also with a charge.

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