How To Pay A Fine In Finland

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How To Pay A Fine In Finland
How To Pay A Fine In Finland
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A huge number of Russian tourists visit Finland every year. Someone gets to their northern neighbors by plane, someone buys a train ticket, and someone enjoys traveling by private car. Sometimes tourists are faced with the nuisance of a fine for this or that violation. This happens most often with car enthusiasts. If this happens to you, don't panic. The situation is not critical and quite solvable.

How to pay a fine in Finland
How to pay a fine in Finland


Step 1

Please be aware that banks in Finland are closed on weekends. You can pay for the receipt only on weekdays. Some types of fines can be paid in Russia or in another country if you went on a long trip.

Step 2

If you violated the speed limit, you can pay the receipt at any Russian or foreign bank. Just transfer money to a Finnish bank account. Do not delay payment. You will have exactly two weeks at your disposal.

Step 3

In order to pay the police fine, use the following requisites: Account number: 166030-108681 Bank: NORDEA BANK FINLAND PLC Bank address: Aleksanterinkatu 36FI-00020 NORDEAFINLAND Recipient: Oikeusrekisterikeskus Beneficiary address: 13100 Hämeenlinna IBEA60 Purpose of transfer: 13100 Hämeenlinna IBEA60 Purpose of transfer receipt, which is written on the fine form in the upper right corner. If you have lost your receipt, restore the information by calling from Russia on +358 10 366 5693.

Step 4

If you are fined for parking in the wrong place, pay the receipt at one of the banks in Finland. This can be done in any city. You cannot pay this type of fine in Russia. If you were fined on the eve of leaving the country, return to Finland within two weeks or ask to pay the receipt of your Finnish friends. If you ignore the fine, you will be in trouble in the future.

Step 5

Go to the nearest branch of any bank in Finland and present your receipt. Banks are open from 10:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday. The commission will be no more than 5% of the fine.

Step 6

As for the customs payment, pay it at any bank in Finland or transfer the required amount to the account of a Finnish bank through a Russian bank.

Step 7

Customs payment is made according to the following details: Account number: 166030-102304 Bank: NORDEA BANK FINLAND PLC Bank address: Aleksanterinkatu 36FI-00020 NORDEAFINLAND Recipient: Tullilaitos (customs) Beneficiary's address: PL 51200101 Helsinki Codes for transfer: SWIFHT: NORDEA26103 transfer target: enter the receipt number. In case of loss, call the following phone number from Russia: +358 20 690 600

Step 8

Please note that all parking in Finland is free on Sundays. However, this does not mean that you can throw the car anywhere. If you park in the wrong place, be prepared for the fact that a package with a receipt for payment of the fine will be waiting for you on the windshield.

Step 9

Do not forget that non-compliance with traffic rules, an unpaid fine or other violation recorded by the Finnish police will become a serious obstacle to obtaining a Schengen visa. Driving while intoxicated is considered a criminal offense. Persons driving a car while intoxicated will be permanently blocked from entering Finland. Take into account the fact that in 2010 a unified database of all violations was created on the territory of the EU. Accordingly, if you break the law in Finland, any Schengen country may refuse to issue you a visa.

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