How To Leave Sheremetyevo

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How To Leave Sheremetyevo
How To Leave Sheremetyevo
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Sheremetyevo is an international Moscow airport, one of the largest in the capital and throughout Russia. It consists of several terminals for international and domestic flights. There are several ways to leave Sheremetyevo: by public transport, by Aeroexpress, by taxi and by your own car.

How to leave Sheremetyevo
How to leave Sheremetyevo


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Aeroexpress is the fastest and most convenient way to get directly to the center of Moscow, bypassing traffic jams. Trains leave from terminals D, E, F. If you arrive at another terminal, then you can get to the place of departure of the Aeroexpress by a free bus, also called a "shuttle", which runs from all other terminals, taking passengers to ticket offices. The disadvantage of the shuttle is that it runs quite rarely, so many arrivals prefer to move between the terminals by municipal buses and minibuses. Aeroexpress ticket price is 320 rubles. Trains run every half hour, the first leaves at 05:00, the last at 00:30. Aeroexpress trains arrive from Sheremetyevo to the Belorusskiy Vokzal metro station, from where you can get anywhere in Moscow. Travel time is 35 minutes.

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To the metro station Rechnoy Vokzal there are buses 851 and 851E, which means “express”, as it gets to the city faster. The cost of the trip is 28 rubles. Buses from Sheremetyevo start operating at approximately 5:35 am and end at 12:49 am. Keep in mind that although this time is indicated, buses do not always run accurately. The frequency of movement is 9-30 minutes. Travel time is 40-50 minutes or more, depending on the congestion of the Leningradskoye highway along which the bus travels. If you are arriving at peak times, when you can expect congestion at the entrance to the city, then the bus travel time can be greatly increased. Also, minibus 949 runs to the River Station, usually it gets faster than a bus, but if there are traffic jams - not much. The minibus runs from 6:45 am to 9:45 pm. The fare is 70 rubles.

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Bus 817 runs to the Planernaya metro station, it starts at 5:30 and ends at 0:08, the frequency is 15-30 minutes. The fare, as in all public transport in Moscow, is 28 rubles. The minibus to Planernaya is numbered 948, runs from 6:45 am to 9:45 pm. The ticket price in the minibus is 70 rubles. Buses and minibuses to Planernaya also follow the Leningradskoye Highway, so travel time may increase due to traffic jams.

Step 4

Taxi. Sheremetyevo has fixed-rate taxi operators officially approved by the airport administration. You can order a car at any point of ordering a taxi or in the dispatch center, they are in every terminal of the airport. And payment is accepted in cash, as well as credit cards of all standards, except American Express. There are also unofficial taxis, which the airport administration does not recommend to cooperate with due to the fact that there are no guarantees of safety for the passenger.

Step 5

Personal car. If you left your car in the parking lot at Sheremetyevo, then the most convenient way to get there will be on it.

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