How To Send A Parcel By Train

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How To Send A Parcel By Train
How To Send A Parcel By Train
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Let's say you want to send a parcel by train to Ukraine. Of course, you can use the services of the Russian Post, but if the time factor is very important for you, this option can be immediately "discarded". You need to agree with the conductor and give him the package. You need to act as follows.

How to send a parcel by train
How to send a parcel by train


Step 1

The first step is to choose the right train. Consider the time of departure and arrival so that the recipient of the parcel does not have to go to the station in the middle of the night or in the early morning. It is better to call this person and decide together with the time.

Step 2

Next, you need to prepare the package. It is better to send the parcel in a package - so the conductor can calmly open it and make sure that there are no drugs, no weapons, or other things prohibited for transportation in the package.

Step 3

Prepare a piece of paper with the parcel, where write information about the recipient, such as name and surname, contact phone number or some code word. This is in case the guide forgets certain details, and this will surely happen.

Step 4

Be sure to remember the train number or even write it down on a piece of paper - this is safer. You can get confused with the names of the departure and arrival stations, but if I know the train number, you definitely won't be mistaken.

Step 5

Go to the train station at the right time. Try to arrive early - 10 minutes before arrival. This way you can hear when the arrival of the train will be announced, which platform should you go to.

Step 6

After waiting for the train to arrive, look for the carriage and the conductor. If the train stops at your station for 30-40 minutes, you will have enough time to arrange with one of the conductors. Otherwise, you need to act quickly. Look for a currently available conductor who is not involved in checking passengers' documents and ask them to hand over the parcel. If the parcel was not taken, it does not matter - go to another conductor.

Step 7

About payment. On average, you need to pay about 100 rubles to transfer a small envelope with documents. If you have a medium-sized package, you can settle for 200-250 rubles.

Step 8

Next, ask the conductor's name, remember the carriage number and just in case, write the universal number on a piece of paper. It is usually written on the side of the car with paint, and this number looks something like this: 095 65652. This knowledge will not be superfluous.

Step 9

Now you can leave the station, call the recipient of the parcel and provide all the data about the train and the conductor. Your friend only has to come to the station at the right time and pick up the parcel.

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