How To Dress On A Plane

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How To Dress On A Plane
How To Dress On A Plane

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Before the flight, it is important to think over an outfit that will be comfortable on the road. High heels, short little dresses, and form-fitting faux fabrics are best left for a more appropriate occasion. Now your clothes should not only be stylish, but also comfortable on the go.

How to dress on a plane
How to dress on a plane


Step 1

Regardless of the length of your flight, choose comfortable shoes. It should not be on thin stilettos, wedges or platforms. Don't hit the road in sneakers. You will have to take them off and on and untie and tie your shoelaces each time. If you travel during the cold season, choose soft and comfortable shoes without laces. In hot months, it will be comfortable in open shoes. Another important rule: never wear new shoes on the road. You run the risk of rubbing calluses and suffering with them throughout the journey.

Step 2

Clothes should be as soft as possible. Choose clothes made from natural fabrics, preferably in dark colors. It is not wise to put on light-colored clothes on the road, as you can get dirty on the plane or plant a stain. Then you risk not only hopelessly ruining the thing, but also feeling uncomfortable in stained clothes. Putting jeans on the plane is also not correct. They will hinder movement and cause inconvenience. The best choice would be jersey trousers. Avoid creasing fabrics. Wrinkled clothes will look extremely unpresentable, so don't forget to bring a stole with you. It will be indispensable in flight if there is no blanket on the plane.

Step 3

Do not forget that the aircraft cabin is sealed and the same air circulates in it. Perfume or deodorant should be used with restraint. Allergy sufferers may be on the plane, so you should not scent profusely before flying.

Step 4

It is not recommended to wear rings on the plane, as they will squeeze the vessels of the fingers and impede blood circulation. As a last resort, remove the rings as soon as you feel the slightest discomfort.

Step 5

On the road, you should not do a model hairstyle. It will interfere with taking a comfortable position in the chair and will quickly lose its appearance. Hair can be straightened with a blow dryer or tied up in a ponytail or bun. Don't overdo it with makeup. It should be light and inconspicuous. It is helpful to moisturize your skin with a cream or thermal water before the flight.

Step 6

If you are flying to hot countries in winter, take a bag with summer clothes in your carry-on luggage. On the plane, you will change, put your warm clothes in your bag and go down the gangplank in light clothes.

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