How To Fold The Automatic Tent

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How To Fold The Automatic Tent
How To Fold The Automatic Tent
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An automatic tent is a tent that has a permanent very rigid frame made of springy steel. The frame is covered on top with fabric, most often impregnated nylon (ripstop). When assembled, the tent looks like a circle with a diameter of 45 cm, packed in a round cover.

How to fold the automatic tent
How to fold the automatic tent


Step 1

In order to unfold the tent, simply shake it out of the cover.

The pluses of such a tent can be attributed to the fact that it is easy to unfold, but a clear minus is how to put it back into a cover.

Step 2

The automatic tent can be assembled as follows:

Imagine that the assembled tent is a triangle with a top (top of the tent) and a base (bottom and floor of the tent), pick up and tuck the floor inside the triangle. Now put the tent on its side.

Step 3

Next, take the corner that is adjacent to the base (with one hand grab the bottom with the other on the side) and make a circular motion - you should get a loop. Press it lightly to the floor.

Step 4

In this case, the left and right should also rise along the loop. Now connect each one in turn with the middle loop, and the tent will fold.

Step 5

Many (after much torment) are surprised at how simple this method is, but anyway, practice at home so as not to do it in field conditions.

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