Where To Go In Belgorod

Where To Go In Belgorod
Where To Go In Belgorod
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Belgorod is one of the interesting cities in the south of Russia, most of which lies on the right bank of the Seversky Donets River, which is a tributary of the Don. It is separated from Moscow by almost 700 kilometers. Despite this, there is not even a hint of deep provincialism in this city. The rhythm of a modern city is well felt in it, as evidenced by the powerful traffic of cars, houses under construction, an abundance of shops. There are many monuments of historical heritage here, which give the city a special charm.

Where to go in Belgorod
Where to go in Belgorod

You can start a walk around Belgorod from Preobrazhenskaya Street. It houses the mansion of the merchant Selivanov, which was built in the 19th century. The merchant house is a vivid example of a city estate, which has no analogues in Belgorod. You can even get inside the house, because nowadays there are two museums adjacent to it. The exposition of one of them is devoted to electricity, and the other to literature. On the same street, you can see another striking Belgorod landmark - the house of the merchant Goltsov, which was also built in the 19th century.

The earliest architectural monuments of the city are worth seeing firsthand. They are the remains of the Nicholas Monastery and the Intercession Church. Walking around Belgorod, pay attention to the Smolensk Cathedral, which is rightfully considered the most beautiful architectural landmark. It was built in the 18th century on the site of the appearance of the miraculous icon of the Smolensk Mother of God and is perfectly preserved to this day.

The main temple of the city is the five-domed Transfiguration Cathedral. It was built at the expense of parishioners in 1813 in honor of the defeat of Napoleon's troops. Within its walls are kept the icon of St. Nicholas Ratny, as well as the relics of St. Joasaph.

There are old buildings opposite the Smolensk Cathedral. At the end of the 19th century, the house at number 41 housed the hotel and shop of the merchant Weinbaum. The building is a rare example of an eclectic building, in the appearance of which the motives of classicism are used. Despite the fact that the city's cultural department has been located within the walls of this house for many years, local residents still call it "Weinbaum Rooms" today.

The undoubted pride of the city is the monument to the baptist of Russia - Prince Vladimir the Red Sun. It is installed on the Kharkiv Mountain. The height of the monument is 22 meters, it is made of copper by punching it out. In his right hand, the prince holds an Orthodox cross, lifting it high, while his left hand rests on the shield. This monument is a symbol of the unity of Orthodoxy and the state. Near the monument there is an observation deck with a beautiful view of Belgorod.

Visit the Monument to the Fallen in Afghanistan Belgorod is the first Russian city where a monument to soldiers who died during the war on Afghan soil appeared. Its half-columns resemble mountains, they are crowned with a bell, and a huge cross stands in the center of the composition.

There are many museums in Belgorod. The local history museum, which is the custodian of the historical heritage of the Belgorod region, deserves special attention. It was opened in 1924 and works to this day. Fans of painting will surely like the exposition of the City Art Museum. The most visited museum-diorama “Battle of Kursk. Belgorod direction ". Here you can see the largest diorama in Russia, which will clearly tell about the events of the major tank battle near Prokhorovka, which took place on July 12, 1943.

Tourists always crowd at the intersection of Narodny Boulevard and 50th Anniversary Street of the Belgorod Region. The sundial is counting down here. They are made of bronze and granite with a huge dial. From them, you can determine the time with an accuracy of ten minutes.At night, stars burn on the dial, which are located in such a way that you can see not only the Milky Way, but all the zodiacal constellations.

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