How To Send Luggage By Rail

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How To Send Luggage By Rail
How To Send Luggage By Rail
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It is not always possible to take on the road so many things that they fit in your carry-on luggage, even if you leave home for several weeks. And if you have to change your place of residence, for example, or leave for a long time, then you cannot do without a large number of things. Therefore, in this case, you have to resort to the baggage transportation service provided by the railway.

How to send luggage by rail
How to send luggage by rail


Step 1

According to article 96 of the Transport Regulations, the railway accepts luggage for transportation and sends it by the next train upon presentation of the ticket by the passenger. For one travel document, according to the rules, baggage weighing up to 200 kg is checked in, which is checked in either in advance to the baggage compartment at the station, or directly to the baggage car. It should be noted that in the first case, you will have to pay for storage.

Step 2

Before check-in, things must be packed so that they are not damaged during transportation. Chests, boxes and boxes should be with metal edging, bags, suitcases, baskets, rolls should be sheathed and bandaged. Moreover, it should be convenient to load and unload them.

Step 3

After dropping the baggage directly into the baggage car, the passenger receives a label in the established form, and a label coupon is attached to his baggage, which indicates the tag number, the total weight of the baggage. The receiver also fills out the delivery list, which he and the receiver at the station signs. Things are usually handed over to the luggage compartment if the station does not carry out operations for the reception and delivery of baggage.

Step 4

If the baggage was checked in at the station, it is marked by attaching a tag or applying an inscription. The passenger is given a baggage receipt, which contains the ticket number, destination station and the address to which the notification of the arrival of baggage is sent. The ticket itself is marked with the check-in baggage.

Step 5

If the passenger's destination is a station where operations for receiving or unloading baggage are not performed, the next station that performs these operations is indicated in the receipt as the destination. But a postscript is made that the unloading should be performed at another station. In this case, the passenger receives his luggage directly from the carriage while the train is parked in exchange for a receipt. Payment for the service takes place right there. If the passenger does not receive luggage at his station for any reason, it will be delivered to the destination and unloaded, where it will also be possible to receive it.

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