How To Get A Ticket From Social Protection

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How To Get A Ticket From Social Protection
How To Get A Ticket From Social Protection
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Anyone can get a voucher from social protection for sanatorium-resort treatment or a children's health camp, not just working citizens, as it was before 2011 when the vouchers were distributed through the Social Insurance Fund (FSS). However, each case has its own algorithm of actions.

How to get a ticket from social protection
How to get a ticket from social protection

It is necessary

  • - application;
  • - a copy of the passport (first page, registration page and confirming citizenship);
  • - a referral from a doctor;
  • - medical certificate form No. 070 / U-04;
  • - a copy of the child's birth certificate or passport;
  • - certificate from the child's place of residence.


Step 1

From January 1, 2011 regional bodies of social protection of the population are engaged in children's and sanatorium vouchers. The FSS transferred the lists of citizens awaiting a voucher for sanatorium-and-spa treatment to social protection during the transfer of powers. If in 2010 you applied for a sanatorium voucher to the FSS office and did not receive it, contact the social security office at the place of registration. You do not need to submit a new application, you must be provided with a voucher based on your appeal to the FSS.

Step 2

When you first apply for a sanatorium voucher to the department of social protection, write an application and attach the necessary package of documents. Additionally, let us know your wishes, social security workers will take them into account if possible. All those in need of treatment will receive vouchers, but the terms of provision depend on the capabilities of the region.

Step 3

The social security officer notifies those on the waiting list about the availability of vouchers for the desired profile of treatment. If you were offered a voucher and you are satisfied with the sanatorium and the timing of arrival, you need to submit a medical certificate form No. 070 / U-04 to the department of social protection, valid in time. If the offered conditions do not suit you, you have the right to refuse. Your application remains on the list and you will be notified at the next opportunity.

Step 4

You can send a child from 6 to 18 years old to a children's health camp on a voucher from social protection. The application can be made by both the mother and the father or guardian. You can buy a voucher yourself and receive compensation. But first familiarize yourself in social protection with the list of institutions that have received permission to provide the population with services of the appropriate level and quality. If you have purchased a voucher to a camp that does not comply with social security requirements, you may be denied reimbursement of costs.

Step 5

To receive compensation, apply to the department of social protection. Attach documents confirming the fact of payment, and the stub of the voucher to the application. You also need a certificate of family income. The amount of compensation depends on the applicant's security and on the standard set by the region and cannot be more than the average cost of the voucher according to the regional tariff service.

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