How To Get From Moscow To Bryansk By Bus

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How To Get From Moscow To Bryansk By Bus
How To Get From Moscow To Bryansk By Bus
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The distance between Moscow and Bryansk is about 350 km. You can get from the capital to Bryansk in various ways: by train, by plane, by taxi. But the most profitable means of transport in this case is the bus.

How to get from Moscow to Bryansk by bus
How to get from Moscow to Bryansk by bus

It is necessary

Bus ticket


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You can get from Moscow to Bryansk by bus departing from the Teply Stan bus station. The bus station is located at the address: Moscow, Novoyasenevsky prospect, 4. Bus station phone: (495) 781-96-65. From Moscow, buses leave daily: at 7:10; 8:25; 16:40; 21:30; 22:30; 23:45. They arrive in Bryansk at 14:30, respectively; 15:45; 00:00; 04:50; 05:50; 07:05. Travel time is 7 hours 20 minutes. From the same station on Mondays a bus leaves for Bryansk at 14:10 Moscow time. Arrival at the destination is at 20:40. The ticket price is 580 rubles.

Step 2

Travel to Bryansk by bus from Kievskaya metro station. The bus runs daily, departing from Moscow at 08:00 and 20:00. Arrival in Bryansk is carried out to the hotel "Chernigov" at 13:00 and 01:00, respectively. Travel time is 5 hours. The bus has eight seats, comfortable leather chairs, individual tables, 220-volt sockets, climate control, personal lighting, CD, DVD, refrigerator are at the service of passengers. Phones by which you can order tickets: +7 (4832) 33-10-70, +7 (4832) 33-22-90, +7 (910) 333-22-90. The ticket price is 850 rubles.

Step 3

Use the services of the "Business Traditions" company, which carries out bus transportation of passengers from Moscow to Bryansk. The bus departs from the capital to Bryansk every day at 08:40 from the Kievsky railway station. Place of arrival of the bus in Bryansk: central bus station, arrival time - 15:20. In Moscow, tickets can be bought on the bus or by calling: (910) 002-3862. The cost of an adult ticket to Bryansk is 800 rubles, a ticket for children (up to 12 years old) is 400 rubles.

Step 4

In case of any problems with the bus trip to Bryansk (bad weather conditions, drifts, etc.), you can use the services of railway transport. The cost of one reserved seat ticket from Moscow to Bryansk is about 600 rubles.

Step 5

When deciding to use the services of private taxis, keep in mind that the transfer "Sheremetyevo-Bryansk" costs about 10,480 rubles for a comfort class car and 11,670 rubles for a minivan or business class car. The cost of the transfer "Vnukovo-Bryansk" and "Domodedovo-Bryansk" is 9680 rubles for a comfort class car and 11270 rubles for a business class car or minivan.

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