How Can You Return Your Plane Tickets?

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How Can You Return Your Plane Tickets?
How Can You Return Your Plane Tickets?
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If for some reason the trip is postponed or postponed, there will be a need to return the plane ticket. There is no need to ponder whether this is a difficult task or not, you just need to contact the appropriate authorities without wasting time.

How can you return your plane tickets?
How can you return your plane tickets?


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It is not easy to understand the variety of tariffs, because the same airline offers several dozen of them on one route. Even specialists who sell air tickets do not remember all the features by heart. It all depends on which airline, at what rate the ticket was purchased, how long before departure you are going to return it. Moreover, in each case, the amount of fines and conditions of return depend on the rules of a particular airline.

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However, there are several fundamental points. One of them is that all tickets belonging to Russian airlines can be returned, regardless of the fare, and you can get 100% of the cost back.

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The conditions for refunding tickets of foreign airlines depend on the fare. For all airlines in the world, fares are divided into two categories: preferential and full. The most flexible terms of payment and booking have a full rate. The full fare ticket is valid for 12 months, and therefore a ticket refund, a change in the route and departure date, even with foreign airlines, is possible without penalties - if the ticket is refunded before departure, and not after.

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Some airlines set a deadline for return without penalties - a day before departure. Tickets that were purchased at economy and business class fares, as well as a first class ticket, can be returned after departure, and a fine will have to be refunded (the amount depends on the booking class, route and airline). It should be borne in mind that the lower the ticket price, the more restrictions it contains. Tickets purchased at preferential rates from foreign companies can often be returned with a fine.

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But the most interesting thing happens after the purchase of cheap tickets for a special offer. The vast majority of such offers do not include the possibility of ticket refunds or changing the departure date. The airline is obliged to warn customers about this: the rules for returning tickets are usually indicated in small print below the price in a special footnote. If the flight is delayed due to the fault of the airline, the carrier must return the full cost of the tickets without penalties. This rule applies to all Russian airlines; a similar rule is adopted in most foreign airlines.

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