How To Obtain Russian Citizenship In Moldova

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How To Obtain Russian Citizenship In Moldova
How To Obtain Russian Citizenship In Moldova
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If you live in Moldova and want to become a full-fledged citizen of Russia, then you can apply for the primary documents for obtaining this status in your home country. True, then you still have to move to the Russian Federation, if the simplified procedure for obtaining it does not apply to you.

How to obtain Russian citizenship in Moldova
How to obtain Russian citizenship in Moldova


Step 1

Contact the consular section of the Russian Embassy in the Republic of Moldova at the address: Chisinau, st. Stefana cel Mare, 153. But before that, please call: 23-51-08 (answering machine), 23-51-10 (operator) and find out the department's working hours.

Step 2

Find out if you can apply for Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. Those who have the right to do so include: - persons whose at least one of the parents is a citizen of the Russian Federation; - stateless persons who had the USSR; - persons who received secondary special or higher education in schools, colleges, lyceums and universities of the Russian Federation after 2002-01-07; - persons born on the territory of the RSFSR and former citizens of the USSR; - persons who have been married to a citizen of the Russian Federation for 3 years or more (or have a minor child and have been married for at least 1 year); - persons who are disabled and have adult children who are citizens of the Russian Federation; - WWII veterans who had USSR citizenship; - persons who have served in the Russian Federation under contract for 3 or more years.

Step 3

If you belong to one of these categories, prepare the following documents for transfer to the consular department: - passport of a citizen of the Republic of Moldova (for stateless persons - passport of the USSR); - birth certificate; - documents on marital status; - document confirming that you speak Russian (certificates, diplomas, etc.); - documents confirming that the funds you live on were obtained legally (from a work record book to a certificate from a bank); - certificates from the internal affairs bodies of Moldova and Transnistria no criminal record; - certified copies of parents' passports (for those with whom they are citizens of the Russian Federation). All documents must be translated into Russian and have an apostille. Within 6 months you will receive Russian citizenship.

Step 4

If you are not related to any of these categories, you can also contact the consular department and apply for Russian citizenship. However, you will have to wait until quotas for a particular Russian region are opened. For citizenship, you will first need to obtain (already in Russia) a temporary residence permit (for a period of 3 years). Then, provided that you stay on the territory of the Russian Federation during this period, you will be able to apply for a residence permit. A year after that, you will have the right to apply for Russian citizenship.

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