How To Move To Live In England

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How To Move To Live In England
How To Move To Live In England

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Great Britain is not only an economically developed country with a rich history and culture, but also a country convenient for life. Migrants from other countries arrive in England every year, and if they wish, a Russian can also move to live in this country.

How to move to live in England
How to move to live in England

It is necessary

  • - documents required for obtaining various types of visas;
  • - international passport.


Step 1

Find out on what basis you can come to the UK. This can be study at a local university, work in an English organization, marriage with a citizen of the country. Also, people who are subjected to violence and discrimination with a threat to their lives from the authorities of their country can apply for refugee status. There is also an opportunity to move by opening your business in the UK, but for this you need to invest at least 200 thousand pounds of your own funds in it.

Step 2

Choose the type of visa that suits your situation. They are posted on the British Visa Application Center website. Keep in mind that although the UK is a member of the European Union, it has not entered the Schengen Agreement, and a visa, for example, from Germany, will not help you to enter England.

Step 3

Collect the necessary documents to obtain a visa. The site provides a list of required papers. Issue a passport if you do not have one or if there is less than six months left until its expiration date.

Step 4

Come to one of the UK Visa Application Centers. They work officially and function in several cities of Russia. Give them your documents with a photo and completed application forms. After considering the issue, the service employee will inform you of the result of the request. Even if your visa is denied, you can collect additional documents and apply again, possibly for a different type of visa.

Step 5

After obtaining your visa, prepare your departure. If you are leaving for a long period, for example, for a year, then it makes sense for you to deregister in your Russian home and register with the Russian Embassy in the UK. In this case, you can save on utility bills, as well as, if necessary, change the all-Russian passport without entering the country of birth.

Step 6

When arriving in the UK, study how you will need to extend your stay in the UK. Some types of visas must be changed on the spot for a residence permit.

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