What To See In Paris

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What To See In Paris
What To See In Paris
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Paris is one of the favorite cities for tourists around the world. This city has an unrivaled aura that will forever remain in the hearts of visitors. The capital of France is a living testimony to the beauty and grandeur of architecture, history and culture of different eras.

What to see in Paris
What to see in Paris

Paris landmarks

Paris is one of the main centers of world tourism. It is rich in old churches and cathedrals (not only of different centuries, but also of eras), museums dedicated to the life of famous people who were once born and lived here, art galleries, where masterpieces of famous artists are located.

If you find yourself in Paris, then first of all you need to go to its heart and soul - the Eiffel Tower. If you wish, you can climb it and, like a bird in flight, see an unusually beautiful panorama of the city.

You cannot pass by the main street of Paris - Champs Elysees. An extremely pretty street (and almost the longest in Paris - 2 km) will take you to Charles de Gaulle square. There you will see the most magnificent architectural structure - the Arc de Triomphe.

You should definitely visit the Palais Royal Palace and the Conciergerie Castle. Such beauty will remain in your memory and hearts for a long time. Do not forget about the legendary squares and boulevards that are known to us from the pages of books and television screens: Boulevard des Capucines, Place Vendôme, Place de la Bastille and other equally famous squares.

You can also visit the Bois de Boulogne. His picturesque paintings will simply captivate you.

And most importantly, do not forget to take a camera so that later, whenever you want, you can remember all the beauty and grandeur of Paris.

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