What Sights Of Berlin Are Worth Seeing

What Sights Of Berlin Are Worth Seeing
What Sights Of Berlin Are Worth Seeing
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Traveling on your own to Berlin can be an unforgettable adventure if planned in advance.

What sights of Berlin are worth seeing
What sights of Berlin are worth seeing

If you arrived in Berlin by plane, do not rush to rent a car. Berlin's main attractions are located in the city center. And it is very convenient to travel by metro.

The hallmark of Berlin is the TV tower, a building on the central square of Berlin with a height of 368 meters. This tower is the fourth tallest tower in Europe. The tower can be reached by high-speed elevator, paying 14 euros per person. But at the checkout you will have to stand in a rather long queue, especially on Friday or Saturday nights. You can also dine at the TV Tower restaurant. In a few hours, the restaurant turns around the axis of the tower, so you can see the whole of Berlin in 2.5 hours without leaving the table. For dinner, it is better to book a table in advance through the website of the TV tower. If the queue seems too long, you can skip the ascent to the observation deck of the TV tower, an equally beautiful view opens up from the height of Bunbechstag.

Alexander Platz Square is named after the Russian Emperor Alexander I. On Alexander Platz, in addition to the TV tower, there are the famous Berlin Clock and the oldest Berlin Railway Station, but it should be noted that there are more beautiful squares in Berlin.

Going a little further, you can see the Neptune Fountain, the Red City Hall and the Church of St. Nicholas. The Neptune Fountain is one of the oldest fountains in Germany. Initially, the fountain was located on Palace Square, but after the war it was restored and moved to a new location. In the center of the fountain is the God of the sea, Neptune, surrounded by children, fish and four female figures, representing the four main rivers of Germany: Rhine, Vistula, Oder and Elbe.

Berlin's museums are conveniently located on the museum island of Berlin, next to the Berlin Cathedral, where you can find an organ music concert, as well as climb to the observation deck. Sometimes museums organize promotions and sell tickets for 15 euros for admission to 10 museums.

The Brandenburg Gate or the Gate of Peace is impressive in its scale. Behind these gates is the Palace Square and, a little past, you can see the Reichstag building. During the Berlin operation, the troops of the Red Army stormed the Reichstag and on April 30, 1945, the Reichstag was captured. On the walls of the Reichstag, inscriptions of Russian soldiers and Marshal G.K. Zhukov. Now the Bundestag is located in the Reichstag building. The entrance to the Reichstag is free, but you must get a ticket at the box office, presenting your passport. Entrance is strictly by ticket.

The Holocaust Memorial is located between the Brandenburg Gate and the bunker of the former German leadership, where Hitler committed suicide. It represents 2700, according to the number of people killed at that time, huge gray slabs. It makes an unforgettable impression and awareness of the magnitude of this dark event in history.

Throughout Berlin, you can see a strip lined with red bricks on the asphalt. These are the designations of the Berlin Wall, which separated the GDR from West Berlin from 1961 to 1989. On Friedrichstrasse, you can visit the museum, which displays an exhibition with photographs telling about the Berlin Wall. There you will also see the preserved part of the Berlin Wall.

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