How To Travel To Germany On Your Own

How To Travel To Germany On Your Own
How To Travel To Germany On Your Own
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The easiest trip to Germany can be organized by a travel agency. But how pleasant it is to go on your own, choose your unique hotel and the places you want to visit. Spend your unique holiday in Germany while saving enough money on shopping.

How to travel to Germany on your own
How to travel to Germany on your own

Before buying plane tickets, you should take care of your entry documents. It is rather difficult to make a visa to Germany, and it is given only for certain days of the trip. The most practical way is to apply for a visa to a neighboring country to which you may travel in the future. In 2017, many tourists applying for a visa to France receive three and even five-year Schengen visas, which can be used to travel to countries within the Schengen area.

Today, the Schengen area includes 26 countries, including: Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary and other countries. Having a Schengen visa, you can freely move around these countries without going through customs and passport controls. You can apply for a visa either independently, having prepared the necessary documents in advance and registering at the Consulate, or through agencies and visa centers involved in visa processing. It should be noted that if you have not yet submitted your fingerprints, you will still have to come to the Consulate.

After obtaining a visa, you need to search for air tickets. If you are planning to visit Germany for the first time, it is worth starting your trip from the city of Berlin. The most economical flight from Moscow to Berlin can be made with UTair. S7 Airlines very often offers promotions on air tickets to Berlin. And with Aeroflot the flight will cost a little more, but the choice of departure time is greater. In addition to our airlines, Turkish Airlines, Belavia, Wizz Air fly to Berlin. You can buy a ticket on the airline's website, paying for the purchase with a bank card and printing the ticket is not necessary. It is enough to know the departure time and flight number, and present your passport at the check-in counter.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the second most populous city in the European Union. You will find about 1000 hotels of different categories on the booking sites for hotels in Berlin. The most popular among tourists is the booking system. The price per room indicated on the website is final and does not require additional fees. You can always call and communicate in Russian if you don’t like something about the hotel, or if it doesn’t match the information on the website. A representative will contact your hotel on their own to resolve your issue. You can choose a hotel not in the city center, but next to the metro.

Berlin Airport is an hour's drive from the city center. You can get from the Airport to the city by a comfortable bus, paying 15 euros per person. Berlin's subway is very comfortable and modern. If you avoid the subway during rush hours from 7 am to 9 am and 6 pm to 8 pm, you will be able to travel in comfort. The metro has clean toilets and small cafes. A metro ticket can be purchased at the descent in the terminal. The terminal board shows in German, English, French and Russian. It is best to purchase a one-day ticket. It costs 12 euros and can be used by any type of transport throughout the day.

The main sights of Berlin are located in the city center and can be reached on foot. A very informative trip around the city on sightseeing buses of red color with a Russian-speaking audio guide. Near the Church of St. Nicholas and Berlin Cathedral, there is an anchorage for river pleasure boats. Many sights and modern buildings with very interesting architecture are located near the Spree River.In good weather, it is very interesting to sail on a pleasure boat, also asking for an audio guide in Russian.

Be sure to visit the restaurants on Berlin Square or on the Spree. The food in these restaurants is not expensive and you can feel the atmosphere of Berlin.

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