How To Get To Diveevo From Moscow

How To Get To Diveevo From Moscow
How To Get To Diveevo From Moscow
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Marvelous Diveyevo is the fourth inheritance of the Mother of God, a place of attraction for all Orthodox people. Hundreds of pilgrims come to the monastery every day, and on weekends and patronal holidays the number of those wishing to worship the Monk Seraphim increases several times.

How to get to Diveevo from Moscow
How to get to Diveevo from Moscow

The most popular way to get to Diveyevo is to go on a pilgrimage tour. There are many travel companies on the Internet offering pilgrimage trips to holy places by bus. What is the advantage of organized pilgrimage trips? Tourists will be accompanied by a personal guide who will not only tell the history of the monastery, but also solve all the issues that arose during the trip - from checking into a hotel and organizing meals to visiting shrines. This is very convenient for those who go to the monastery for the first time and want to see everything as much as possible.

A pilgrim bus on the way to Diveyevo calls into Murom and tourists have the opportunity to visit the Holy Trinity Convent and bow to the relics of Peter and Fevronia. There are tours with a stop at Arzamas and sightseeing of the city's cathedrals. In Diveevo itself, in addition to the monastery, tourists will be shown holy springs, of which there are several.

The disadvantages of such trips include fatigue from the road, a modest choice of a place to sleep (most often these are rooms in private houses). And most of the tours take place on weekends, when there are always a lot of people in the monastery.

The most comfortable way to get to Diveyevo is by private car. The biggest difficulty is the reconstruction of the Nizhegorodskoe highway, which will have to go. But, if you leave early in the morning at 5-6 o'clock, all difficult sections can be overcome quickly enough. If you are going on a weekend trip, it is better to book a hotel room in advance.

You can also get to the village of Diveevo by train. Trains leave from Kazansky railway station in Moscow to the cities of Kazan, Cheboksary, Novokuznetsk. All of them have a stop at the Arzamas-2 station, from which you can already get to the monastery by bus or taxi. The first bus from the bus station in Arzamas leaves at 5.30 am. The interval of movement is approximately every one and a half hours.

If time permits, be sure to visit Nizhny Novgorod. Now the city from Moscow can be reached in four hours by high-speed train "Lastochka". You can see the main sights of Nizhny Novgorod and catch a bus to Diveyevo. Buses to the monastery leave from a special platform next to the railway station and run only four times a day according to the schedule.

You can visit the monastery in one day, if you use air traffic. There are regular flights to Nizhny Novgorod from Moscow. Travel time is only a little over an hour. From the airport you can take a taxi or rent a car, it will be faster. And those who decide to go to Diveevo by a regular bus will first have to come from the airport to the railway station by metro.

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