How To Apply For A Passport Via The Internet

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How To Apply For A Passport Via The Internet
How To Apply For A Passport Via The Internet
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A passport can be ordered in two ways: traditionally come to the OVIR or place an application online through the portal of public services. The second option is more convenient as it saves a lot of time that is wasted in queues.

international passport
international passport

It is necessary

Computer, internet access, scanner


Step 1

The first step is registration on the portal, without it, no action is possible. After entering the necessary data, such as the details of the internal passport, digital photo in the JPEG extension, access to the Personal Account is opened. If you need to change a passport that has expired, you must enter its data as well.

Step 2

In the list of services offered, select the one you need, proceed to its design. Next, you need to allow the processing of the sent data. Before sending an application-application, it is necessary to determine in which department of the FMS it will be more convenient to receive the document and select it. You need to start the choice with the region of residence, then indicate the city and district, and only then stop at a specific branch.

Step 3

Then proceed to filling in the recipient's data, and this must be done very carefully, especially carefully consider those fields that are marked with a red asterisk. They are required for filling. Indicate the purpose of obtaining a passport, if this is the first time, click the "Primary" button, fill in the passport details of the person who plans to receive a passport.

Step 4

The next step is to enter additional information about the applicant, such as admission to secret work, convictions, judicial restrictions, unfulfilled contractual obligations. If there is a fact of secret work, you will have to very carefully indicate all labor activity over the past 10 years.

Step 5

Upload a photo, which should be 200-500 Kb, 35x45 format, plain background. You can take a picture at home, sitting with your back to a light monochromatic wall. Even if the photo is not too high-quality, it is not scary, since professionals will take pictures of the passport itself, and this photo is only needed to issue a temporary application form.

Step 6

Send a questionnaire and wait for an invitation to appear at the OUFMS in person, with documents, photographs, a receipt for payment of the state duty. The state duty can be paid through Sberbank, by attaching a receipt to the documents, you can do this in the terminal directly in the OUFMS. Its size for an old-style passport is 2500 rubles, for a biometric one - 5000 rubles.

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