How To Behave At The Airport

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How To Behave At The Airport
How To Behave At The Airport
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In order to stay at the airport not to cause a nervous breakdown, you should follow the security measures, follow the instructions of the customs officers and not violate the rules of baggage transportation.

How to behave at the airport
How to behave at the airport


Step 1

Arrive at the airport well in advance. Check-in for international flights starts 2, 5-3 hours and ends 40 minutes before take-off, for domestic flights this time interval is shorter. Check-in and baggage registration opens 2 hours before and ends half an hour before departure. You can find out more detailed information on the airport website. Remember that some airlines provide the ability to check in online on the site, this will save you from waiting in line.

Step 2

Go through preflight control. It is carried out at the entrance to the airport. Place your luggage and carry-on luggage on the conveyor belt, go through the metal detectors.

Step 3

Find the passenger check-in counters. To do this, study the electronic scoreboard, find your flight number, you will see information about its status: registration has begun or is postponed, where exactly it is being carried out.

Step 4

Go to the check-in counter, place your luggage on a special scale. Provide the airline employee with your passport and ticket. If you issued an electronic ticket, only an identity document is sufficient, on the basis of which the transaction was made. In case of exceeding the allowed weight for luggage, pay an additional fee, the employee at the check-in counter will tell you where you can do it. Get your boarding pass, don't lose it. If you are on a domestic flight, proceed to the boarding gate. Remember, if you are transporting items that are subject to mandatory declaration, you need to go through the so-called red corridor with mandatory inspection.

Step 5

Go to the passport control area. Present your passport to the customs officer. After verification, he will put down a departure mark in it. After that, go to the customs control area. Take off your shoes and clothes, put everything in special containers, put them on the conveyor belt, go through the scanning frames or metal detector. Lighters, watches and belts should also be removed.

Step 6

Shop in the Duty Free area or head to the boarding gate. You can find their number on your boarding pass.

Step 7

Do not drink alcoholic beverages in the airport building. Remember that alcohol purchased in the Duty Free zone is prohibited from unpacking.

Step 8

Smoke only in designated areas.

Step 9

If you are traveling with a child, you can use the services of the Mother and Child Room.

Step 10

Study the rules for carrying baggage and liquids on airplanes. They are posted on the airport websites.

Step 11

Do not create conflict situations, do not accept items from strangers for transportation on the plane.

Step 12

Do not leave children and carry-on items unattended.

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