How To Make Money On Vacationers

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How To Make Money On Vacationers
How To Make Money On Vacationers
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Thousands of tourists every year go on vacation to resorts to enjoy life and spend their honestly earned money. But you don't have to go to the sea only to have a rest, in fact, you can go there to work. Moreover, it is worth trying to make money on vacationers for those who constantly live near the resort places.

How to make money on vacationers
How to make money on vacationers

It is necessary

  • - portable refrigerator;
  • - paper and pencils;
  • - camera, laptop, printer and paper for printing photographs;
  • - diving kits;
  • - tape recorder or player;
  • - tonometer.


Step 1

Buy from a store or make your own portable refrigerator. To do this, simply build a box of plywood and foam, it will perfectly keep cool even in extreme heat. Fill it with bottles of ice water and head to the beach, where the heat-sweltering people will surely buy up your entire supply of water at once.

Step 2

If you can draw and are able to portray a relatively similar and not very offensive caricature, take up the creation of portraits. Sit in a fairly crowded place, create a creative image for yourself (takes with a feather, easel, brooding look) and find at least the first client, it may even be your friend. As soon as he starts posing, dozens of others will immediately appear who want to get their portrait.

Step 3

If you have a Polaroid camera or a regular digital camera, take pictures of vacationers on the beach or in another crowded place. There will be ten times more customers if you can immediately give people pictures (not everyone dares to give money to a stranger for promising to bring a photo the next day), so take a laptop and a printer for printing photos with you.

Step 4

Buy some inexpensive snorkeling kits. Sit on the beach and wait for clients who will bring you money for the right to dive with your masks and fins. To reduce financial risks, for example, someone does not return the equipment, or breaks it, take a deposit from each client.

Step 5

If you know the basics of diving and have the appropriate certificate, buy some spare scuba gear and organize scuba diving courses, you can earn decent money from your hobby.

Step 6

Buy a tape recorder and have fitness classes on the beach or waterfront. Gather one-off groups and, depending on your fitness and stamina, do several sessions of 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 7

If you have a blood pressure monitor, put on a nice white robe with a large red cross and walk along the beach, inviting everyone to measure their blood pressure. Even if you take 10 - 15 rubles for one measurement, a decent amount can come out per day, and you can make good money on the beach.

Step 8

If you can find common language with children and come up with games, become a beach nanny. In a day, the whole beach will know about you, and each parent will want to finally take a break from their kids, and calmly sunbathe or swim, of course, for little money.

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