Where To Go On Saturday

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Where To Go On Saturday
Where To Go On Saturday

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The real weekend starts on Saturday. After five days of hard work, most people just need to change their environment and get some rest before starting a new work week.

Where to go on Saturday
Where to go on Saturday


Step 1

If the weather is warm and clear on Saturday, it is best to go for a walk in the nearest park, you can uncover your iron horse and ride a bike along the paths. If you are going to the park with a large company, bring equipment for outdoor games, such as badminton, and something for a snack, since the appetite in the fresh air is almost always played out in earnest.

Step 2

Is the weather inclement and cool? Go to the cinema, for sure a movie of your particular interest has been going on in cinemas for a long time. Or you can sit in a pleasant restaurant, read your favorite book, look at passers-by outside the window, try some new interesting dish.

Step 3

Do you like theater? Saturday is a great time to go to the play, it is advisable to only get tickets in advance, in recent years theaters have been booming, sometimes all tickets for the most interesting performances are sold out a few weeks before the performance.

Step 4

On Saturday morning you can go to a museum. If you are not embarrassed by a large number of people, you can go to a museum or exhibition during the day or even in the evening. You can almost always find an interesting temporary or permanent exhibition that can be viewed alone or with friends.

Step 5

Do you want to have fun in a noisy company? Billiards or bowling will help. Billiards is good for companies that prefer intellectual relaxation, and bowling is for those who want to stretch their muscles. To increase interest in the game, you can assign a funny prize.

Step 6

Saturday night is perfect for going to a club or disco, where you can dance, drink your favorite cocktail and meet new interesting people. And lovers of loud singing and fun are simply obliged to look into a karaoke bar to perform a few favorite songs in good company.

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