Which Cities Are Included In The "Golden Ring"

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Which Cities Are Included In The "Golden Ring"
Which Cities Are Included In The "Golden Ring"
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The Golden Ring is a very popular tourist route through the most ancient cities of Russia. The beautiful name was invented by the journalist Yuri Bychkov, who in 1967 created a series of essays about ancient Russian cities. The route runs through the territory of five modern regions: Moscow, Vladimir, Kostroma, Ivanovo and Yaroslavl. The final list of cities in the Golden Ring has not been determined.

Church of the Intercession on the Nerl
Church of the Intercession on the Nerl

Traveling through the cities of the Golden Ring is a journey into the past of our country. Here you can see the Slavic burial mounds of the 9th - 12th centuries, the most beautiful ancient Russian churches and monasteries, the famous Rostov Kremlin.

Traditional list of cities of the "Golden Ring"

Traditionally, the “Golden Ring” of Russia includes eight cities: Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Vladimir and Suzdal. Each of them is unique and has its own attractions.

Sergiev Posad is the center of Russian Orthodoxy. It houses the largest of the Russian monasteries and the residence of the patriarch. Sergiev Posad owes its appearance to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, which was founded in the 14th century by Sergius of Radonezh. The city got its name in his honor. It is the traditional center of Russian toys, the birthplace of the famous Bogorodsk toys, and also one of the main national Russian symbols - nesting dolls.

Pereslavl-Zalessky is a very small town founded in 1152 by the famous Russian prince Yuri Dolgoruky on the shores of Lake Pleshcheevo. Its main wealth is ancient temples and monasteries.

Rostov the Great is one of the pearls of the Golden Ring. Its largest monument is the Rostov Kremlin. The famous Rostov belfry with thirteen bells is also widely known.

Yaroslavl is considered the capital of the Golden Ring. It contains such famous monuments of Old Russian architecture as the Epiphany Church, the Temple of Elijah the Prophet and the Spassky Monastery, in which the most outstanding work of Old Russian literature - "The Lay of Igor's Campaign" was found.

Kostroma is located near Yaroslavl. Its main historical monument is the Ipatiev Monastery.

Ivanovo is better known for architectural monuments that arose in Soviet times. However, the historical center of the city has also preserved buildings made in the style of Old Russian architecture.

Vladimir is one of the most beautiful cities in Ancient Rus. The city received its name in honor of the Kiev prince Vladimir Krasnoe Solnyshko, who founded it. In the 12th century, during the reign of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky, Vladimir became the cultural center of Russia. Then his most beautiful white-stone churches were created: the Assumption Cathedral, where the main Russian shrine was kept for a long time - the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, the Dmitrievsky Cathedral, famous for its unique carved decoration, and, of course, the poetic symbol of ancient Russian architecture - the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl.

Suzdal is one of the most beautiful cities of the Golden Ring, famous for its numerous temples and monasteries.

Other cities of the "Golden Ring"

Often many other cities are included in the Golden Ring, including: the former residence of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky Bogolyubovo, the center of Russian glassmaking Gus-Khrustalny, famous for its icon painting and lacquer miniatures Palekh, and even the capital of Russia Moscow. But whatever the list of cities in the "Golden Ring" may be, each of them deserves special attention, helping to get closer to the origins of Russian history and culture.

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