How To Get To Kremenchug

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How To Get To Kremenchug
How To Get To Kremenchug

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Kremenchuk is one of the largest cities in Central Ukraine and is located on the Dnieper River. It was here that one of the founders of Soviet jazz Leonid Utesov and the famous actor Vladimir Zamansky were born. The writer Emmanuil Kazakevich and the outstanding teacher Anton Makarenko also lived in Kremenchug for a long time.

How to get to Kremenchug
How to get to Kremenchug


Step 1

There is no direct flight between Moscow and Kremenchug, so you will have to fly to Dnepropetrovsk with a subsequent transfer to ground transport. Flights Moscow - Dnepropetrovsk of Aeroflot take off every day from Sheremetyevo airport, and Transaero and Dniproavia send their aircraft from Domodedovo. After arriving in Dnepropetrovsk, you need to take a bus "Dnepropetrovsk - Kremenchug", he will take you to your destination. The road will take a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Step 2

For those who are afraid to fly, there is an alternative - a long-distance train. The train "Moscow - Kremenchug" departs from the Kursk railway station of the Russian capital every day. The journey will take about 15 hours.

Step 3

There is also a second option for traveling by long-distance train. You can take a flight "Moscow - Odessa" and get off at the station "Kremenchug". The time that will be spent on the trip is 14 hours and 20 minutes.

Step 4

You can also get to Kremenchug by bus. Once a day, a bus "Moscow - Komsomolsk" departs from the Shchelkovsky railway station of the capital. You have to take it to the stop "Kremenchug", and the approximate travel time is 21 hours and 30 minutes, excluding stops.

Step 5

Among travelers there are those who are afraid to fly and do not really like long-distance trains, and they are very cool about intercity buses. For such people, the most desirable way of getting around is their own car. If you go to Kremenchuk by car, then you need to move along the M-3 highway up to the Russian-Ukrainian border. Then there will be highway E-391, which will lead to the entrance to Kremenchug.

Step 6

According to the second option, you can drive through the territory of Belarus. First, you must also go along the M-3 highway, then along the M-10 highway, and on the territory of Ukraine along the E-40 highway. It is she who will lead to Kremenchuk. In both cases, the travel time will be about 20 hours, provided that there will be no congestion on the roads.

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