How To Top Up A Transport Card In

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How To Top Up A Transport Card In
How To Top Up A Transport Card In

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A transport card is a convenient way to save on travel on the metro, trains, and in some regions on city buses, trolleybuses, trams. When buying a card with a long validity period (in some cases - up to a year), you can forget for a long time about the need to constantly budget for travel costs. The set of ways to replenish it depends on the specific city and the policy of transport companies.

How to top up a transport card
How to top up a transport card


Step 1

The most common way to replenish a transport card is to contact the point of sale of a particular transport operator (ground transport, metro, railway). For example, to a subway ticket office or suburban railway ticket office, a public transport ticket kiosk, or a carrier's sales office.

In some regions, the technical ability to replenish cards may be provided by third-party organizations. For example, a chain of newsagents, if they have one-time tickets for public transport in their assortment.

In this case, contact the point of sale, present the card and the required amount of money to the cashier in accordance with the tariffs for the cards.

Step 2

The option of combining the functions of a bank card and a metro pass has also become relatively widespread. The mechanism for granting a discount usually depends on the number of trips per month. As their number overcomes one or another milestone, the price of subsequent ones decreases.

A prerequisite for using this option to pay for travel is an account balance that allows you to make at least one trip.

You can replenish such a card in the same ways as any other bank card: by depositing cash through the bank's cash desk or an ATM with the function of accepting bills (if any of a particular credit institution is in service) or by transferring funds to the card account from the same or a third-party bank.

Step 3

There is no information on other ways of replenishing transport cards. However, further progress in this direction can be expected, especially in large cities. The development of modern technologies and the demand for public transport services represent favorable conditions for the implementation of payment options, for example, by transferring money through Internet banking, using electronic payment systems or by credit card on the website of the carrier or intermediary.

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