How Much Money Can Be Taken Out Of Russia Without A Declaration

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How Much Money Can Be Taken Out Of Russia Without A Declaration
How Much Money Can Be Taken Out Of Russia Without A Declaration
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How much cash can be taken out of Russia without filing a declaration at customs? To find out the answer to this question, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the customs regulations of the Russian Federation in order to cross the border without delay.


How much currency is allowed to export from the territory of Russia?

At the same time, it is allowed to export cash from the territory of the Russian Federation in rubles or in foreign currency, the amount of which must not exceed 10 thousand USD in monetary equivalent.

Updated rules for the export of foreign and local currency from Russia

Until 2010, a law was in force in the Russian Federation, according to which it was allowed to export from its territory up to 3 thousand dollars without drawing up a declaration and 3-10 thousand dollars if there is a declaration. If the amount of the exported cash exceeded 10 thousand dollars, its export could only take place with the official permission of the Central Bank of Russia. And in 2010, the rules for the export of cash were significantly simplified.

Carrying cash without filing a declaration

When crossing the Russian border without any significant restrictions and registration of a customs declaration, you can smuggle the above amount.

You should pay attention to such points: 10 thousand dollars can be expressed in the sum of all currencies that a person who carries cash with him has with him. This amount is calculated not only for one adult, but also for children.

For example, a married couple with a child can smuggle up to 30 thousand dollars across the border without issuing a declaration for the export of cash.

The money on plastic cards is not included in this amount. Passenger's plastic cards are not subject to customs declaration.

Money issued in the form of traveler's checks is considered cash, therefore, it must be summed up with cash.

It is best to show caution to all passengers and tourists who have a sum of money with them in different currencies, the rate of which, when converted to US dollars, is close to the amount equal to 10 thousand. In this case, before going to the airport or train station, it is better to check the data on the latest exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia.

It is best to combine the Russian rules for the export of currency with the rules for the import of cash in the country.

So, from Russia without drawing up a declaration, you can safely take out cash in the amount of up to 10 thousand dollars, and import only one thousand dollars to Bulgaria without a customs declaration.

If a tourist takes out of Russia an amount of cash that does not exceed 10 thousand USD, and goods that are subject to declaration, then he can easily cross the border and customs control.

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