Where To Go In May

Where To Go In May
Where To Go In May
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May is one of the wonderful months for travel, because at this time comfortable weather sets in the resorts of many countries. The tourist really has a lot to choose from to make his vacation more interesting and varied. Almost everywhere travelers will find a bright sun, blooming greenery and many interesting entertainments.

Where to go in May
Where to go in May

May is the beginning of the tourist excitement and it starts right from the first days of the month. It is at this time in Russia that there are a series of holidays, so the tour should be booked in advance. Many tourists choose the Maghreb countries for their May holidays - Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco. In the last month of spring, the resorts of these Arab states are still sparsely populated. Tour prices are much lower than in summer or autumn. The average air temperature in early May is quite comfortable - +25 degrees. The sea is not so well warmed up, but there will be no problems with swimming: almost every hotel has a swimming pool, where the water is heated to comfortable temperatures. But such cool weather is ideal for excursions and safaris. A truly comfortable beach vacation in these states can only be enjoyed by the end of the month, when the air warms up to + 27-30 degrees.

May is the perfect time to relax in Turkish resorts. Visa-free entry, short flight, hotels for every taste, all-inclusive system, Turkish cordiality and hospitality - all this attracts many tourists. Here, not only a carefree beach holiday awaits, but also noisy parties, water skiing, diving, boat trips, excursions to the ruins of ancient cities. The cost of the tour in May will allow you to get a lot of fun for reasonable money.

In the last spring month, you can go on vacation to Israel. At this time, the air in the Holy Land warms up to +32 degrees. There is practically no precipitation, and light sea breezes give a feeling of pleasant refreshing coolness. Holidays at the Dead Sea will benefit every tourist. Not only sea water and local mud have healing properties, but even the surrounding air!

You can take a tour to Jordan. This state is replete with biblical sites, Bedouin and Muslim monuments. The mysterious and majestic rocky city of Petra has not yet been studied by scientists, despite this, it delights every traveler with its appearance.

If you want to admire the scenic beauty, take a trip to Europe. In May, almost the entire Old World flourishes, and in the literal sense. You can plan a trip to any European country - from Norway to Portugal. Everywhere the tourist will be greeted by comfortable weather and trees in bloom. It is worth taking a bus tour in Spain or France. May is the perfect time to stroll through the gardens of Paris and gaze at the quirky architecture of Gaudí in Barcelona.

The season starts in May in Greece and Cyprus. However, it is still too early to swim in the sea here, but it is high time to explore the local attractions. Do not forget about the possibilities of sightseeing rest in such European countries as Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary.

Connoisseurs of exoticism should pay attention to Mauritius, Indonesia and Seychelles. Tours to these states are not cheap, but after the dankness of their native lands, they will seem like a real paradise on earth. The temperature on these islands is +30 degrees, which is conducive to a varied rest. In Mauritius, you can take a walk to the crater of a volcano, and in the Seychelles, see giant coconut trees and visit an ornithological reserve.

The last month of spring is also suitable for visiting Asian countries, where exciting excursions await tourists. In Nepal, you can visit Buddhist monasteries and see Everest with your own eyes. South Korea and China, where ancient history coexists with modern architecture, will also find something to please their guests.

May is the peak of the cruise season. Cruises in the Mediterranean are in great demand. Just imagine, in 10-14 days on a snow-white liner you can visit Greece, Italy, Malta, Egypt, Libya, Turkey and Croatia. The prices for such a vacation are exorbitant, but two weeks in the sea air and a lot of unforgettable impressions are really worth it!

And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the tours in Russia. They are no less exciting than foreign ones. May is the perfect time for sightseeing holidays. St. Petersburg, Moscow, Golden Ring, Karelia - this is not a complete list of corners of Russia where you can have a wonderful time in May.

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